Termly chemical checks..the reality of their need?

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  1. Afternoon all,

    My experienced colleague seems to think that the dangers of yellow on potassium, peroxides in ethers, hydolysis of aluminium/sebacoyl chloride are 'over exaggerated', and that checking these termly isn't important.

    Is this a case of CLEAPSS going OTT (as some of the teachers and my colleague seems to think)?

    Many thanks :)
  2. I do the chemical inventory once a year. Once a term is excessive in my view and with the size of our school I would not have the time to do so either.
  3. I'm afraid I do check for peroxide formation in ethers having seen one going off. I suggest that your experienced (?) colleague get their head out of the sand before you have a major accident there.:)
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    I inventory once a year and check thoroughly then, but I keep an eye out for anything looking amiss whenever I go into the chemical store (which is at least once a week).
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  5. See my post http://community.preproom.org/index.php?threads/peroxide-tests.1982/#post-18085
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  7. Me too!