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    You can now request a free #TECHOGNITION pack containing badges, stickers, information leaflets and mini posters from https://techognition.org/request-a-free-event-pack/

    We've already had over 400 requests for packs this morning so although we have plenty left, at this rate they'll all be gone by the end of the week so get your request in today!

    Only schools in the UK may receive a pack (sorry Australia)

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  2. Guessing face palming or rolling your eyes after a teacher asks for something doesn't count?
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    That would be fine if you write that in the photo description!
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  4. Are Colleges eligible?
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    Only HE colleges/universities are ineligible. (18+)

    Be quick though, we are nearly out of stock!
  6. I got my goodies today :)

    Thank you prepAdmin.
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  7. Thank you - received my pack today.
    Now where to put those stickers (sneaky grin) :rolleyes:
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    All 1000 available packs have now been claimed. Thanks to all of you who requested a pack. We hope you will join us from the 4th March to celebrate the work of Science Technicians!
  9. Thanks! Mine are here too.
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  10. Mine came, we've already had teachers wearing the stickers :)
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  11. Mine has just arrived :D:D
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  12. Received mine yesterday.

    Now to persuade the teachers to use their new Twitter accounts and get tweeting
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    We'll have a new feature on the site this year for teachers who want to pledge their support. Details soon.
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  14. Glad to hear the packs have been snapped up. I didnt bother to apply for one this year as last time round not one member of staff commented on the materials provided even although they were in their face. Its not in my nature to waste resources that could be used to better effect by others hopefully.
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  15. That was like me last year, I am going to pin my HoD down in out meetings and say make a big song and dance about this!
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    HODs and senior leaders should be interested in this because without proper recognition of the role...
    • The most useful and knowledgeable technicians end up leaving the profession
    • Recruitment of good technicians becomes more difficult
    • The amount of and quality of practical science lessons suffers
    • Safety in school science can be compromised without sufficient training of technicians or through technician redundancies
    ... and a hundred other reasons!
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    My pack has arrived :) I didn't take part last year, so I'm really excited for this time.

    How about picking up approx 3 million little plastic counters off the prep room floor after I knocked the tray off of the bench ?! :(
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  18. Like this idea!
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  19. Oh goody, another waste of time!
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    :rolleyes: You don't have to take part.
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