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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of any training that is upcoming to help techs supporting A-level physics?
  2. Are you a member of Cleapss? They have a couple of courses that might be suitable. Alternatively perhaps you could get together with a couple of nearby schools and get someone from the IoP in to do a short course with the kit you will actually be using.
  3. Yes, our school is a member of CLEAPSS & I do regularly check their training schedule
    The issue I have is that I'm at a school in the Caribbean & access to training is, therefore, somewhat limited...I'm sure someone from the IoP would love to come do an INSET here though!
  4. I volunteer my services!
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  5. There is a chap who was made redundant who seems to fly around the world supporting technicians. Is it Simon Quinell? Perhaps if he gets a job in your direction he could be persuaded to divert for a bit for a fee!
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    greenfingers Sarah G

    Simon would love that he's just got back from training teachers in Singapore
  7. I did say to him that perhaps I could get the science team to do a needs analysis for training & give him a shout!

  8. Drops mic..

  9. If you talk to Helen Rose at STEM, she's now in charge and sorting the tech courses, many of which have been axed. If you need her email, PM me.
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  10. Thanks Mike...I have her Facebook details, but if you could send me her email that would be ace!
    My email is