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  1. Hello. I am currently working with STEM learning and I am looking to provide them with some information around the training needs that technicians have. If you have any thoughts about training that you think it would be useful for you to receive then I would like to know what would be most useful for you? Thank you for your help, Jo.
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    On a more serious note.....CLEAPSS does have quite an extensive list somewhere....just cannot recall where at the moment......
  3. What I find rather annoying about training for science technicians is that it assumes we have little or no knowledge already. There must be a huge market for advanced training in the dark arts of glassworking, equipment repair, servicing and maintenance to name only a few.
  4. I utterly agree Mike, I have been forced to go on courses where I could have happily taken over the ever so basic "training".
    These events were beautifully planned, presented, and executed but for a few old timers we found them patronising to say the least.
    As you so rightly say, bring on the opportunities for advanced training!
  5. After three years in the job, I'm still weak in some areas, where the introductory level stuff is still useful to me, but would definitely love to do more of the challenging stuff in other areas where I have a more extensive background, yes. CPD funding permitting, of course, but that's a whole other can of leeches...
  6. With more and more apprentices coming through would a course for how to be a successful mentor or, to the extreme to provide us with a recognised qualification to be mentors . In order to get the NVQ assessor qualification you need 2 mentees but the chances of you having 2 at a time are almost nil.
  7. I think what is really needed is training that is based around the required practicals. They could work as a good starting point for those new to the job or those who feel they are weak in certain areas. Since there is still multiple ways of doing the same thing (at least in physics there is). It would be nice if technicians could be shown the setups for these various methods as well as the construction techniques required for the manufacture of the equipment needed.
    For the most part I would have said a school technician is either experienced in scientific techniques gained from years in industry, though some might need to learn that a school lab environment is different from an industry lab environment. Or has learnt a lot of the skills needed from in effect what would be 'on the job training'.
  8. How to cope when you start your first ever technician job and know there are things that need changing but no one will listen to you or give you any training? :(

    Failing that, the things I feel I need training on are:
    Health and safety - the law, technician responsibilities, how to avoid accidents, how to keep up to date
    Chemical storage - what goes where, labelling, stock taking etc.
    Required practical stuff, especially for A level
    Use, maintenance and repair of instruments such as microscopes, burettes, all the physics stuff...
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