Tea bag convection demo

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    I don't have time to order the roll from Timstar, are there any teabags on sale at the moment that unfold into a cylinder suitable for this. Have bought a couple of boxes of ones I have used before but they have changed shape
  2. All the Twinings speciality teas x 20 bags. They must have a little symbol on front of the box saying enveloped tea bags for the right shape. Any flavour fine after that, although if you want to save the contents for indicator paper making choose the berry ones ;)
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  3. Just cut the cornered section off as straight as possible and empty contents and it gives a lovely tube
  4. I remember doing this in italian restaurants with amaretti biscuit wrappers, now banned due to fire reqs :(

  5. Me being thick.... what convection demo is this?
  6. I use Twinings fruit teabags and make sure I buy a flavour that I like, so I can empty the contents of teabags when I get them into a pot to use in my tea infuser.
    This demo was done at my best friend's funeral. He was an awesome science teacher, and this was a tribute to him by one of his students. Every time I do it I think of him still.
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  9. amaretti biscuit are nicer...
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  10. We always used to get a big box of amaretti biscuits at Christmas and it was a family favourite to light the wrappers. They always used to burn into a lovely lacy pattern Kept us kids entertained for years! (I am going back over 40 years mind!) :)
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    So I got Twinnings Superblends 20 pack this morning in Tesco. They handiliy enough have a picture on the front in the corner of the bag and tab. Thank you to everyone who responded. What brand of amaretti biscuits are wrapped?I quite like the idea of having a munch in the name of science!
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    I found only the Superblends ones are the right shape with the string and tab, theLibrarian like fruit teas thankfully so not going to waste!
  13. These are the ones we used to get;
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  14. pukka tea bags - if you're feeling rich ;) ( currently have a box of their herbal collection)
  15. I use Twinings fruit tea bags, as above. This year the teachers have said that they don't work as well as they used to. Anyone else have this experience? Have they changed the paper used?
  16. We had a similar experience, but thought it was user error!

    We bought a roll of the teabag paper but expected it to be tubing rather than a flat sheet to fold. I haven't quite got the technique of the folding yet.
  17. Interesting Karen. Our teachers are pretty experienced, so I tend to look for an alternative to user error first.

    I'm thinking of buying the paper foll from Timstar. How do you find it works? Do you think it's really over 900m as it says on their site? That'll keep us going for a while. Will probably offer it to other local schools if it is.
  18. New-ish teacher who is a great biologist! ;)

    I've just measured the roll for you. From the edge of the cardboard inner to the outer edge of the roll of paper is 8cm, so it could well be 900m!
  19. Lol. Shouldn't be allowed near physics demos. Thanks for the info Karen. It's expensive, but I'd be happy not to keep taking staples out of tea bags and emptying them. Does it lift off OK when it's burnt down sufficiently?
  20. It works really well if you can make it into a tube. We found that sometimes the fold made the tube too heavy on that side so it fell over. I did wonder about a dab of Pritt