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    Hi all , just prepped, set up and explained to teachers how the equipment works for 5 lesson observations all before 7.45am!! Of course very little thanks from those I've helped,,,,, but that's to be expected!!! Perhaps if they put in some more lesson prep they might get a better observation outcome,,, but who am I to comment on that , I'm "just a poxy technician"

    I'm the only tech here,,, makes me wonder what they would do without me. I know no one is indispensable but I think all lab techs come pretty close.

    Glad its FRIDAY :):):):):)
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  2. You are definitely ninja level in stealth , speed and accuracy. I'm happy to see you take pride in your work. :)
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  3. Your right just talking to food tech, a teacher decided the class was going to make biscuits googled it put the list of ingredients in, did not read the dough had to sit in the fridge for at least two hours, unfortunately they miss the important things, after all cooking is a blend of chemicals.
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  4. we have the school inspectors coming in for 3 days next week (week before we break up) and all the teachers are panicking. I will be the busiest I have ever been for 3 days.
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    And breath,,,,,,, Good Luck Stephen for the next 3 days ,,, that's horrible just before the holiday.

    Its good to know I'm not the only one battling on;);)
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  6. We do mocksteds every year, then there's the usual ofsted inspection, then there's teacher observations... and just when I thought it was all over and we were starting to get rid of people, the school next door just sent over their science team to get stuff from me because they have an inspection.
  7. Roll on Summer hols, WE ALL deserve it.