Sudan III

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  1. Hi, i am new to the technician role and have been asked to prepare Sudan III without any guidance. I was wondering if I could get some help on how to make It? I have the powder and I understand it can be mixed with ethanol or water. I opted for water to save costs. It doesn’t seem to be dissolving at all in the water. I followed a procedure I saw online as can’t find how to make it up in CLEAPSS. Can someone confirm the quantity with water? I went off 10grams per 100ml. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. If you go back in Supporting Biology area, there is a post from the beginning of June re: Sudan III. Basically, it won't dissolve in water, it needs to be ethanol.
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  4. The thing is J_a18 that if you use the powder you will only need to use a grain of it to test for lipid.:)