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  1. re oven - make and model if poss/dimensions
    we would like the air track - working on the HoD re power packs!
  2. PSUs are a mix of Urwin EJ0032 and Powerbase 32 continuously variable 8A. Also have at least four EJ1001 stepped ones.
    Oven is very similar to this.
  3. great - thanks for the info.
    need to talk to our HoD about what is available and the cost - he is a chemist and doesn't like spending on physics equipment so hoping to impress on him how much money we would be saving!!
  4. Hi Mike,
    I have been given the go ahead from HoD to get some equipment off you.
    We would like the air track and blower and the set of 20 power packs - if you still have them all.
    Is it £850 for this?
    We can raise a cheque if you let us know who to make it payable to. My bursar has asked if it is possible for you to send us an invoice - you could email it to me at
    Also would you be able to liaise with my colleague about where/when to collect? she works part time so could pick up on a tuesday or a thursday during the week - her email is
  5. Sorry for the delay - it's been a bit hectic for the last few days.

    I think I have enough power supplies but will have to check. Will probably be best if you supply us with an ordfer for the stuff and we invoice your finance department directly - I try to keep as far outside of the money part as possible. I will get back to you with precise numbers in the next 24 hours and we can go from there.

    Where are you?
  6. Don't apologise about the delay - know exactly where you are coming from!!
    if you let us know exactly what you have we can put together an order for it - will need your college's details.
    I am based in Scarborough at St Augustine's school.
  7. Hey Mike,

    how much is still left, I am in a new school now and they might want some of the bits.
  8. Just tell me what you want would be easier for me. There is a load of stuff still available that I haven't had time to list, plus some of the original stuff.
  9. I will have a chat with the HoD tomorrow and see what if there is anything she thinks we could use.
  10. Hey mike, not sure if anyone has asked already but what model are the swift microscopes?
  11. Now I've gone and looked at them, they don't even say Swift on them. They look like this, below. Will have to check how many there are left, as they have been quite popular.

  12. Thanks Mike, do they have any make and model numbers on them?
  13. Nothing at all except a label for the required electrical stuff. Which our contractor seems to have chosen as the place to stick his frangible PAT label.......
  14. Ah well, nevermind. I shall chat with my HoD to see if we can take them off your hands. How many have you got left, Is it 15?
  15. I'll get back to you later today.
  16. Cool, also what make Oscilloscopes do you have?
  17. Looks like I'm going to be down to less than 10 microscopes. Can't be more precise because I can't get a firm answer from those who use them as to number required.

    Oscilloscopes are mainly Hameg.
  18. Cool thanks, well when you know how many microscopes you have left please let me know as I will take them. Also can you put 2 of the oscilloscopes to one side for me too please? A bonus if they are both the same make and model :D
  19. I can do that for your sillyscopes. Will try to get around and check what spare micros we have over the next 24hours. Where are you?
  20. Gravesend in Kent.