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  1. Sorry; confusion reigns. That last message was for someone else. Sending my mobile over by PM now. You can text me (will be driving a bit and unlikely to pick up a call) with a go (and for which bits) up to about 3pm. Probably too late after that but you could try.
  2. Updated list attached. Don't forget that there are huge amounts of other stuff available - e.g. electrostatics and electric motor kits. Also, just because something is sold from the list, it doesn't mean that we don't have some more......

    I am off now until the beginning of September but will be accessing my email occasionally (in the attachment) so I can respond infrequently.

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  3. Could you let me have details of the teltron tubes please?

    I was selling some recently for another school and had some disappointed by being too late. I may be able to redirect them to you

  4. Have deflection, diffraction and maltese cross tubes available. We had a huge range at one time but they have mostly, sadly, gone. I would prefer collection/delivery in person with these, as they are so fragile. Will be in Cambridge/Harwich on 12th August. Stands and coils available as well.
  5. was looking for another perrin but will pass that on. Can probably arrange a collection if needed.
  6. OK, thanks. Will have a look for a Perrin. Contact will be sporadic as I wend my way across Europe on holiday but I will be back in the hot seat by the beginning of September.
  7. Hi Mike

    I've just private message you