Storing sterilised bottled nutrient agar

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  1. Hi - new member and first post! Have left work and am now worried that all the nutrient agar bottles I have made for first thing on Monday should have been put in the fridge over the weekend. Are they ok to leave out at room temperature? It's for the aseptic technique required practice so don't want them to be unusable! having a moment... Thanks!
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  2. if sterilized, they can stay on the shelf, refrigeration not recommended.
  3. Bubbles, if your school is a member of CLEAPSS they have a lot of info about microbiology. I wholeheartedly recommend reading it.
  4. Thank you - you have put my mind at rest! I will find out about CLEAPSS login for future reference.
  5. I make up batches of NA in those bottles with blue screw-tops (don't tighten until cooled!), to store on a shelf in the chem store. I can then do a quick melt-and-pour when I need a few plates. Until opened, the NA will store in the bottles for quite some time.
  6. We used to store made up bottled agar at RT for 3 months as standard - and that was in pharma toxicology testing so I imagine it would last a lot longer for school/college purposes :)
  7. it's sterile, we used to have uht milk in a 30C incubator for 6 month and end of shelf life test it, was still sterile.

    If you are worried to a sterility test by pouring a plate.
  8. I remember Mary Philpot teaching me Microbiology at a CLEAPSS training session. She showed us a sterile medical flat containing nutrient agar that was about 20 years old and still perfectly fine!
  9. How long it lasts is dependent on your asceptic technique.
  10. there is none if you do not open it.