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    There are a couple of new entries on the forums.

    In particular, we need the Steering Group Members to make their thoughts known on the Recommendations so we can push these into the Technicians Together group.

    We've also pushed Technicians Together to promote #TECHOGNICIAN within our own schools.

    Unless WE do something.....nothing will change......and from an Education perspective, the Election decided more of the same for the next 5 years......
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  2. YAWN! Not this old cherry again! Keeps cropping up on this site as Brexit does in the real world.
  3. If reincarnation exists, I am guessing you will never be a cheerleader in a future life ;)
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    Easier to complain at the sidelines rather than actually DO SOMETHING...……..have a lovely weekend.
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  5. I take it that you are more than happy with the working environment of yourself and your fellow technicians then?
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  6. I am happy with my working environment but I have worked in places that were a dive. Just need to take a side line from the steering group for the minute until other things in life settle down.
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  7. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    thank you so much for your unrivalled and unfailing support my dear. it's so refreshing to have someone with your motivational skills on board with us. :);)
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  8. Thats easy to sort, just don't click on the posts about it! sorted!
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    But it would be nice to gain SOME level of support and action for at least making the effort to improve the lot of many, many lab-techs. But if the majority don't want to that's also just fine.

    Just don't be surprised when the Spectre of "Departmental Cuts" comes visiting (again !) and there is little you can do and no support to hand …..

    We've already been told that the number of "support" staff is under review....the highest cost to the business is staff.....
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  10. Well said Guys. Happy New Year (hopefully) to the both of you!:)
  11. Thanks George, happy new year to you too :D
  12. Fixed it for you.
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    Yes, in proportion to the number of 'management' staff compared with teachers and then support staff...…..but its the support staff who are the first to go.
  14. a DH and a AHT were made redundant here, we are understaffed for support staff already.