Standardisation of Potassium Manganate (VII) solutions

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  1. This is a practical we give to our Biopharmaceutical Science and Biomedical students. They use Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate Hexahyrate as the Primary Standard. I standardise the Manganate (VII) using Potassium Oxalate at 85C then use Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate Hexahyrate. I then perform the titration and give the Lecturer the titre for a fixed mass of Ammonium Iron (II) Sulphate Hexahyrate. He then puts these values (from each Student) into a Spreadsheet which will give and indication how well students are reading the Burettes and how well they are reaching the End Point. As you all know this is a self indicating End Point where Mn(VII) is reduced to the pink Mn (II) cation. Do any of you use Spreadshhets in this way?:)
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    I use spreadsheets in this way for creating titration curves with Y13 students.;)
  3. in a word... No.
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