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  1. I've been asked to source squid for class dissection.

    Does anyone do this and where do you get the squid. I'm allergic to fish (only when eaten) so it's not my area of expertise.

    Alternatively, what kind of fish would you buy for class set of fish dissection?

  2. Local fishmongers (if you have one) will sell them by the 5 lb box. Sea fishing tackle shops will normally have them by the 5lb box too, although probably more reluctant to sell them in that size. Ammo Baits would also deliver them to you, if they doing your area at the time you need them.
  3. The only fish we might do is fish heads for A level, but that's exceptionally rare as it relies on Tesco customers donating them to us. As our local store has cut down their fish counter to 3 days a week its almost impossible to get anything sorted out now.
    Something like squid would be an automatic no for us as there are no local fishmongers we'd have to buy online and it would be difficult to justify the cost. We don't say no very often, but this one is just not worth the hassle for us. We had too much wastage on fish when we used to do it as there were lots of students too busy complaining about the look, feel and smell to be able to do the dissection properly.
  4. Poor wee souls...:rolleyes:
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  5. Dod


    Lemon or Dover?
  6. Most supermarkets will sell prepared squid, depends on exactly what you're doing if they'll be suitable but I suspect not

    I think your best bet will be an online order from a fish supplier or a counter at your nearest market stall
  7. Its beyond belief sometimes. They start early here with chicken wing dissections in year 7, you wouldn't believe the reaction that can bring out! :rolleyes::D
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  8. I heard it from about 5 rooms away when one of our P16 groups last year were doing a dissection of a whole trout and cut into one to find all the roe pour out over their hand.........
    it got worse when I told them what those "orange beads" actually were but then again I could have not said "you've seen the start of finding nemo right?"
  9. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    We use Samples for Schools for various dissection supplies. I think we've had squid before
  10. Being local to the sea, I go to the fish quay and buy whiting, which are about the only fish landed ungutted. They are also the cheapest, per fish, and a nice fit for the dissection trays. Although the students only need to do the gills, we can then run through various other systems as well.
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    We had a biology teacher who used to teach how to fillet a fish as well.
  12. The best bit used to be telling students and staff that flensing knives (show them a picture) were invented to prevent parasites from transferring host to the gutter/filleters. Cue gigantic screaming festivals and mass evacuation of labs when they spot the inevitable worm. Sadly, catches are so poor these days I have to start collecting at least a week in advance, so the fish are frozen before use and there is no movement to give the presence away.

    Little things.....
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  13. It always amazes me when students choose to go onto Biology at A level and expect only plants and pretty insects. Saying that, we once had a chemistry student, who didn't want to deal with doing a chemistry practical... o_O

    We also use full fish, students find it more interesting than just doing the gills :D
  14. Our A level do a fish dissection every year. The teacher usually asks them to bring in their own. Usually they bring Mackerel or trout ( :(The waste!) or whatever is on offer locally. Last year I collected a lot & took home for cat & foxes. Huge waste otherwise. Lots of fillets left after dissection, some brought huge fish.
    It's not considered bad form to ask kids to provide own fish as, if they don't want to do it, or can't afford it, it's no issue they just help each other or watch.
  15. I can, when we did chicken wing dissection we had several pupils sitting on steps outside crying:rolleyes: I went out & asked them how many ate KFC, answer all of them.
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    Morrison fish counter or you can order them in we also do sardine dissection cheap practical students love it.
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  17. We have heard the pupil conversations before about not doing things to "God's living creatures" and then eating Chicken Nuggets a few hours later.

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