Spillage kits - what is in yours?

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  1. I have been asked to type up instructions for our spill kits that we keep in our chemical store as they are so old they are written with a typewriter!
    However, it has led me to question what spill kits we should have and what others have in theirs. I've looked online for some guidance, but haven't found much information.
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  3. We put everything on that list in tubs with instructions on each tub ( printed large) so no faffing about in the moment.
  4. Try CLEAPSS!
  5. NTG


    I am hopefully going to be able to get rid of the Mercury one this year. pretty sure I have disposed of anything containing mercury and doing a final stock check of all cupboards and drawers. Seemed easier to get someone to take away all the mercury items that had accumulated over the years and no longer used and 'stored', then remove the need for a spill kit.
  6. I find the CLEAPSS website very difficult to navigate. I searched for this information on there and it came up with nothing! So thank you for sharing the link.
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  7. Would love to do that but, unfortunately, I still need to retain some accurate mercury thermometers. I'm working on replacing those with digital probes. Freedom is on the horizon....