Spending my evenings buying things for practicals...

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  1. Hello all,

    Spent the past few evenings running round the shops/supermarkets looking for things I needed to get for practicals (polystyrene cups and hearts). Last night went to big tesco for them not to have any hearts :mad: so had to drive to the nearest other big tesco to not know if they had any there until I got there. Thankfully had just the right amount in stock :rolleyes:

    One of the teachers suggested I asked HoD if I could leave an hour early one day a week and do this in work time instead of my own time. Has anybody else got an agreement like this in their school?

  2. I only ever go out specially during school hours. There's an asda on my way into work so for general grocery items i'll sometimes stop in there on my way to work but if it's anything else it's done in work time as we're not paid to be going out in our own time for stuff
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  3. Dod


    Don't do things for work in your own time period.

    Ask for overtime and school transport so that you are covered for work duties, using your own vehicle for work purposes invalidates most personal insurance policies.

    Or they let you have enough time to walk/public transport to get their supplies for their use.
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  4. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    You definitely need to negotiate an early finish to do the shopping, also, make sure that they pay for business use on your car insurance, otherwise, technically you are not covered. As a point of interest, if you had an accident (god forbid) or another incident which related in you being out of pocket e.g someone bashes your car with a trolley, would your school pay? ? ( I seriously doubt it) It's if for these and other reasons, that I will NOT shop in my time for the school, only if I am going to a particular shop which meets their needs, will I ever pick anything up for them.
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  5. karen b

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    I am lucky enough to work in a small team so often we have time to pop out during the day to fetch items. Otherwise someone leaves early or comes in late or maybe adds it on to their lunch hour if they were going to the shops anyway.
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  6. Samples for schools are good for stuff like hearts - delivered so you don't have to shop....I even get maggots delivered now as it used to be a big faff to get them. Other bits I either walk into town during work time or pick up on my own weekly supermarket visit and credit myself time for getting them (I do term time and 2 weeks so can put any extra time towards my 2 weeks). I do have business insurance for my car but wouldn't like to have to test it out.....We are not paid enough to spend evenings buying practical stuff.....
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  7. When it comes to shopping I refuse to do it outside of work hours.

    My last school the shop was an hour walk and I won't take my motorbike for that journey. So they either had to let me go to the shops in school time or the HoD had to go for me.

    Here on the other hand no one has an issue at all with it.
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  8. If you have a freezer buy a stock of hearts - they freeze well and are fine once defrosted
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  9. They let me come and go as I please as I am salaried to do the job - the hours are nominal and irrelevant as long as the science staff have what they need when they want it. In other words I am trusted to be professional as they know they get more out of me than they pay for.
    So if I have to leave early to go science shopping then that's part of the job and is done in work's time.
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  10. Yup - it's today in fact
    We have a 2.30pm Thursday deadline for orders which will require shopping for the next week - up to and including the following Thursday
    I then leave 30mins early and grab the stuff on my way through town

    If they miss the deadline they will be politely (or not so much, depends how often they do it) be told that if they still would like to do their practical they are free to get the items themselves and we will supply the rest of the kit

    There's nowt like the look on their face as you tell them sorry you're late, get your own onions this week or go without and replan your lesson.... :rolleyes:
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  11. I just go leave home at normal time and go to the shop on the way, get in when i get in. or go in work time during the day, sainsburys and waitrose are short walk away.
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  12. We order as much as we can online, hearts for example are purchased from Samples for Schools early in the year and frozen. If we can't get it online or it needs to be fresh we go out during the day to get it. We absolutely do not do shopping on our own time, we're not paid for that and as we can't even get through a 15 minute tea break without being disturbed they get more than enough time out of us.
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  13. Was just on about that with one of the teachers as we have staggered lunch from 12-1.30 so no matter what time I take my lunch I ALWAYS have someone knocking on the door for something.
  14. Agree with all the above comments. You shouldn't be shopping in your own time at all. Leave early or get in late, or keep record & add all time up & claim overtime, whatever suits you.
    Do you get petty cash? We used to have pay for stuff ourselves then claim it back. Got ridiculous, some months I would be so out of pocket I went overdrawn! I ended up having to have a real strop ( asking nicely got me nowhere) and said in future I wouldn't get anything without Petty cash.
    We also used to shop in our own time. Not any more, after a huge row with a teacher who said I was being 'unreasonable' and 'difficult' when I refused to shop over weekend for her req's given in on Friday afternoon. This was at the time we paid out of our own money too, cheek!
    Why oh why does it usually take such a long time & an argument to get people to see sense?!:mad:
    As for the lunch time, during very busy times I go out for lunch...perfectly entitled to, and when they find you aren't around it's funny how they manage.:rolleyes:
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  15. NTG


    Same system here - agreed last week with HOD - yet here I am after 330pm with a shopping list for next week that I can't buy as Bean-Counter-In-Chief will not let me have the school credit card as the Department is completely out of budget. As is literally zero money and a projected overspend upwards of £1500 even if nothing else is spent. I flat out refuse to do it on my own time or with my own money (having said to HOD at one point......who's the lowest paid member of the department who can least afford to wait 14 days to get paid back ??? And with no money left, even that's doubtful !!!
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  16. We also have petty cash, I will only do shopping if i'm going to the shop anyway or I go to the shop along the road during shool time.
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  17. We have a petty cash float or I would be forever chasing up cash! They are supposed to put in request by Thursday lunchtime. As I usually go shopping on a Thursday evening I can usually pick stuff up at the supermarket then. But if they ask late I may refuse to go shopping again....sometimes it depends on the weather - I'm not walking the 10 minutes into town in heavy rain for shopping that they didn't request in time and I'm certainly not driving to the supermarket just for work...We are paid pro rata and they would do well to remember that....
  18. Yep petty cash - I pay with my own money and claim it back the next day. I don't mind it as I get it back there and then when I hand in the form but its just a pain the week or so before pay day where I'm scraping my pennies. Might put £20 to one side in the office and just keep using that, replacing with what I get back weekly.
  19. My HoD is very reasonable so I think he wouldn't have a problem at all if I suggested this system.
    Thank you all it seems I am too much of a nice person for my own good :rolleyes:
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  20. Yes you need a petty cash float - I have £35 in mine and use this for buying stuff and claim it back to the float. If finance don't get it back to me in time to buy more stuff then I won't spend my own cash!