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  1. Sorry rant alert..

    Teacher had been doing a basic cutting and sticking type activity with bottom set year 7 which was after my home time yesterday. Everything left in her lab. She brought it all back into my room at the end of the day (not sure why).She came in at the beginning of lesson 2 looked at all the stuff sitting there, told me she needed it back that lesson and walked out leaving it all still sat there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is wrong with these teachers????
  2. Beginning of lesson 2 teacher comes in.
    "Where's my practical"
    "You didn't ask for a practical"
    "I'm sure I put it on lablogger"
    "Nope you didn't"

    It's even worse when the Head does this. Both he and the deputy head teach science part time.
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  3. She probably took it all back into your room knowing that it would create another job for you to take it all back into the lab again! Of course she could have taken it herself but why would she do that when there's a minion to do it?? Maybe we should all start painting ourselves yellow and wearing dungarees just so we don't forget our place in the hierarchy :D:D
    One of our teachers just proudly told me that her year 7 requests for next week were in the prep room. Great - that makes a change to have them early. Voltmeters, batteries etc !! Yeah and....???? When I put the shopping list together this week I'll add a crystal ball to that. I'm sure they are stocked in Tesco :D
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  4. Give her a small jar with 'etc' written on lots of pieces of paper... it always fixes the problem... :D
  5. I absolutely love the idea of dressing like a Minion :D My youngest used to be obsessed with the things and we still have quite a few Minion related items kicking around the house. I might start decorating the preproom with some of it :D:D
  6. George gets to be Bob.

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  7. I've got a mug that says " It's good to be a minion" on it. Couldn't resist it when I saw it and it sits firmly on my desk :D
  8. And Bob gets to be...?
    Also used to have a minions obsessed teacher- pictures on walls with 'always wear your goggle', and angry purple minion identified with another certain teacher...
  9. We have a display in every single lab of "How to Revise in Science" - its about 20 minions with various speech bubbles like "a little at a time" and "quiz yourself"
    Bleurgh o_O
  10. EXCELLENT suggestion.. :) I keep a moon on a stick also.
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  11. We had a minion as our college mascot for a while. One of the SLT's sons had a full foam costume and appeared at events wearing it. They've started creeping into signs around the college too...
  12. I would so do this but my teachers already know only to put down what they actually need or they will get whatever random crap I think meets the criteria :D
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  13. We had a teacher who used to put "mop up lesson" on his req sheet. We put a mop and bucket out a couple of times
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  14. Reminds me, April Fools is in the not-too-distant future... must get all my long waits, tartan paints and glass hammers ready
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  15. I got told off in industry for sending someone to stores for tartan paint. :rolleyes::eek::D
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  16. When I told teachers that some pupils told me that we were treated like skivvies, they didn't believe me saying if technicians feel like that it is all in our imagination....
    Bit like the school bully thinking he is just having a laugh with you!:mad:
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  17. Piles of random stuff is common place, we are supposed to know what it is and where it's supposed to go....it usually ends up in the bin.

    We have picture of 'King Bob' with the caption 'My boss said have a good day, so I went home' just how I feel some days. :)
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  18. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    HOD (physics) brought in a magnetism thingy to the prep room from his room after use saying "I thought I would bring you this as I don't know where it goes", I must have raised an eyebrow as he said "oh, the cupboard labelled magnetism in my room?" and took it away again.
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  19. LOL. We had similar. We were very short staffed at a busy time of year, techs had left, techs sick. I had physics equipment needed by same teacher for 2 lessons but in 2 classes. each room either side of the physics prep room. ( nothing to set up though)
    He used the equip for Period 2 & I wheeled trolley into prep by the door ready to go the couple of feet into the room after break.
    I was trying to do several other jobs & thought ahh, he knows it's there.
    He complained to me later that he didn't get his practical. I said it was on trolley just inside door. He said he couldn't do it as I hadn't taken it off the trolley!
  20. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    We're having major renovations starting in 6 weeks. HOD says it would be nice to know where everything is when refurbished and perhaps we could have a system so we know where stuff is; he then looked round his room and said "oh you have the cupboard doors numbered, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 etc (room number followed by a digit in sequence round the room). I expect room 11 is 11.1, 11.2 etc. Yes I said and there's a spreadsheet on line that says what is in each cupboard in each room says I. I did this about 5 years ago. He's been here 15 using the same room with the same contents but still doesn't know where to put stuff!!! So ready for my hols.
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