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  1. Counting the days.... kind of..
    9 years min yet..
  2. Kay


    One month to go!
    Counting? No, me?
  3. I collect clocks, English and as early of their type as I can afford, most of mine are early 18th or late 17th century.

    I used to sail sailing ships, but my arthritic knees required a more sedentary hobby as I can no longer climb the rigging. As facebook keeps reminding me just a few years ago you would find me 30-40 metres up in the rigging.
  4. [QUOTE="Igor, post: 34334, member:

    Shame that several I'd like to do fall on a Wednesday - that's a school and child night..bit young at 8&6.

    There's an archery thing by me as well..I've got a huge garden for practise. Tempting..[/QUOTE]

    Me and my youngest do archery, great fun/deeply frustrating in equal measure. Our local club is very inclusive and 6 and 8 year old kids would be very welcome to try it with you. We provide all the kit you need to take part. Not sure if this is the case at all clubs. We can happily spend 3 hours shooting on a Sunday afternoon. If you decide you like it and want to buy your own kit it can start getting expensive.
  5. Challenging Behavour will tire you out Igor - Go for it!:);)
  6. After reading this Sharon I thought that it was really nice and honourable. This World would be a much better place if there was more like you. Thank you for making a difference!:);)
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  7. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    May I asked where abouts? And is it the RDA chatiry? Just I used to go to one near where I live
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    I went to one near me and I loved it! Went for 12 years but had to stop as it clashed with Work hours (was gutted) I went from three side walkers to riding on my own and getting one of the horses to move well :D :D :D
  9. I have my own horse that takes up so much of my time. Whenever I have a stressful day I head to the yard. Bring him in from the field covered in mud and muck, Brush him until he shines in the sun and feel so much better. Then there is the having the time to ride and everything my free time soon disappears
  10. Geocaching. Tons of fun and great for road trips!
  11. Same here, horses take up sooooo much of your free time. I go straight from work to the stables for a few hours before going home.
  12. Sorry Shannon I haven't been on the blog for a while so missed the question. We operate in South Kesteven at Hough on the Hill near Grantham. we have been going for 30 years this year and are called Kesteven Rideability and, yes we are an RDA charity of which there are a few. I love it! :D
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  13. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    ohhh Niceee :) I went to Shelly in Suffolk (loved it)
  14. Sounds like a very nice spare time Pauline.:D:D
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  15. I play Platstation games. By day I may be a humble Physics Technician, but by night I walk the lands of Skyrim, and bow to no man.....
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  16. I absolutely love skyrim!! cant wait for my wedding planning to be over so I can play without worrying I haven't got time to do stuff
    I like trying new crafts, gardening and puzzles :)
  17. I used to walk the lands of Skyrim, but then I took an arrow to the knee! I haven't played it in a while, but its a great game.

    I split my free time between video gaming, learning to play guitar and studying mostly, I'm currently doing a degree with Open Uni. I also spend time out walking with my spaniel.
  18. I scuba dive and sea kayak. Manage to get out most weekends.

    Used to game quite a bit too, done Skyrim. Favs were Bioshock & Dead Space though...
  19. Kudos on Bioshock and Dead Space. Agreed, excellent games. Skyrim does it for me because of the enormity of the open world and the replay value. But nothing has made me jump more then Dead Space. - Have you tried Prey, very similar in look and feel to Bioshock.
  20. Christine Broadbent

    Christine Broadbent magic maiden

    I'm in a mixed choir. Sang at the proms last week at t'Albert Hall. Great experience!