Soon be the holiday,,,,,

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  1. Morning troops,,,,,,,, it will soon be that time of year we all secretly long for ,,,, the summer break,,,, just wondered if anyone is doing anything exciting, unusual or simply chilling,,, look forward to reading your responses. Have a good day.
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  2. Dod


    Shoulder to the wheel and nose on the grindstone doing the part of the year I like best, working in the holiday times when I get my best work done uninterrupted :) :D :cool:
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  3. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    Not really sure now :(

    Maybe some fun day with friends and I have got to work for 5 days (they keep messing the date ups)

    just going to try and rest and keep myself busy.
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  4. A week working, a week in South Wales, a week in Pevensey, 3 weeks in the garden.........
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  5. Me, my daughter, the garden and as many fun activities as I can rustle up for us to do
    My wife may even get a cameo appearance if she can wangle time off work
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  6. I'll be working through for most of the Summer. Our stage is getting a complete refurb, so I'll be busy directing operations feeding the fish and Axolotls as well as trying to clear some store room space.
    I am quite excited to be spending a week with "darling daughter No1" and her partner, in Edinburgh (Her home now) and seeing some Fringe events and The Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
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  7. Sitting with everything crossed until the A level results come out and then mopping up tears or celebrating a potential empty house!
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  8. I hope to get the old hornby dublo 3 rail set I had 40 odd years ago, running. The benching is in place and the magnets have been replaced so its all a question of whether tempus has fugitted too much to resurrect this wonderful old stuff. "POOP POOP said Gordon". If all else fails I'll ebay it and get some newer stuff.
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  9. I'm going to see my lovely brilliant son and daughter - in- law in sunny Texas for 2 glorious weeks on 30th July. I haven't seen him since March of last year ( except on Skype) but that's not the same as a good old mummy hug! I'm going with my daughter and her boyfriend so I'll have the rare bonus of having both of my kids together. To say I can't wait is a bit of an understatement!! Hubby isn't coming with us this time so he'll have to fend for himself ( i'll miss him of course! :D )
  10. We're getting a new patio laid, so I'll be spending some time planning/rearranging the garden, and I plan to (hopefully) make/design a water feature (been watching too much You Tube). Also putting up a 'catio' for my 11 cats... and then finally catch up with many of my 'arty farty' projects.
  11. ELEVEN cats?!
    What are your arty farty things?
    I keep meaning to get started on some artsy stuff. I've bought the materials but I need a kick up the backside!
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  12. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    A few days in Cumbria next week with the mother-in-law, so she can see where her son lives now. Then a week in Cumbria (via Durham to drop my son at a latin/greek short course), followed by a week's orienteering in Scotland (collecting son on the way).

    Then I am helping on the Physics trip to CERN. I visited CERN a few years ago when my children were small, and I wasn't allowed to do the full tour so I am looking forward to this trip.
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  13. Yup, we kept the kittens from one of our rescues, then I went to Greece... and brought back a street cat... same week my daughter somehow 'persuaded' me to take in two farm kittens, and later that month, two from our local shelter. We had twelve, but unfortunately the oldie (15) died last year from kidney failure. Most are indoor cats as we lost a couple to road accidents, so there are only 5 of them go out - they're getting old so stay within the garden.

    Arty farty... I decoupage, paint, just started doing stained glass and I'm on the second draft of my novel :D
  14. Best friend's birthday celebration, partner's birthday celebration, bit of DIY with the family in sunny Pembrokeshire, yet another friend's birthday celebration- in that order. :)
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  15. Planning a party for my soon to be 5 year old daughter. She is super excited about it as she has never had a party with her friends, it's hard with her birthday being at the end of the holidays, people are normally on holiday or just forget!

    So party bags, games, and all things pink and princess!:)
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  16. But in your SPARE time....
    Make s my life seem very quiet.
    Planning for sons 13th birthday, (when he'll turn into Kevin), and trying to forget my 50th...:confused:
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  17. One thing for sure, I'll never be bored when I retire (which would have been last year if the government hadn't thieved our pensions!) Have a happy 50th when it comes around :D
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  18. Schools broke off last Friday. Dull tasks a plenty. Upgrading PC/laptop OSs (got bored of that very quickly). PAT (got bored of that very quickly) but I have now left myself enough repair for the rest of this week (will be bored of that very quickly also!).
  19. Since we became an academy our two weeks holiday working have been removed.
    So all the essential tasks are squeezed into the last two days of term.
    I used to recalibrate all our ammeters, voltmeters and collection of oscilloscopes as well as a plethora of repairs... All that has gone out of the proverbial window.

    So, back in my lab at home, I'll continue with the local seismometry, and my radio telescope MKII, magnetometer, and trying out some miniature prototype class D amplifiers with potential for school use maybe. The rest of the time and undispersed there will be cycling, photography and watching the world go round from café and pub gardens.
  20. I am really lucky this year, it is my parents Ruby wedding anniversary at the beginning of August and my mum decided that she wanted to take us all to Disneyland, before my nieces are to big for it not to be 'magical'. So there will be 9 of us in a house in Florida for 3 weeks. My partner is not looking forward to it as much as the rest of us, Disney is his idea of hell and it is 3 weeks with my parents, 2 brothers, sister-in-law and 2 nieces (aged 5 and 9). I have promised him a trip out to Kennedy for space stuff. :p

    After that I think it will be looking for a new job, since partner left teaching last year and now works in industry school holidays are not the bonus they once were. Although I do like most of my job, been doing the techie thing in schools for 15 years now. I think a move away from schools and see if we can make the most of cheap holidays during term time in the future.:D
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