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  1. Hello all,

    In a bid to change the topic away from the obvious, lets start a thread of positive things we are looking forward to doing during our time off or in isolation!

    My list is as follows:
    - Catch up with TV shows I have been missing.
    - Burn through my unwatched collection of Doctor Who dvds.
    - Finish my current costume projects and if possible, start a few more.
    - Taking time to exercise which I've been putting off for months.

    Whats yours?

    Stay safe everyone <3
  2. Good thread BB.

    - finish decorating the bathroom
    - start decorating the bedroom
    - give the house the best spring clean it's ever had
    - watch some tv
    - try harder to get into painting and drawing
    - get out and about in isolated areas for a bit of an airing and some exercise
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  3. kaj


    Hang the new curtains - when other half has painted.
    Get my 11,000 photos in some sort of order.
    Spring clean the kitchen
    Finished crocheting the bedspread that I started 5 years ago.
    Start jumper for grandson.
    Walk dog if at all possible.
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  4. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Finish knitting a jumper that I started more years ago than I care to admit
    Make some curtains for the lounge when husband has painted it
    Possibly redecorate our bedroom, it hasn’t been done for twenty years
    Stop my daughter worrying herself to an early grave
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  5. Finish unpacking the stuff I didn't quite have time to do earlier in the year when I moved house
    Sort my massive Magic: the Gathering collection into some sort of sensible filing system (and build a few decks).
    Finish some videogames I've been snatching moments on.
    Mend some clothes.
    Learn to play some of my new 2-player board games with my flatmate.
    Build my leopard gecko vivarium, in case the show I'm planning on going to in June (where I plan on buying the gecko) still goes ahead.
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  6. Still having to go into work for now....
    I wish I could do a bit of DIY but live in a rented flat so cant
    If I end up having to stay home then I might just:
    Read a few books - been meaning to do more anyway
    go out running more often - again I havent been out as much
    maybe catch up on a few shows - at least disney+ starts next week
    Im the sort of person who cant sit around for long periods of time and need to find things to keep my mind active
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  7. kaj


    Build a bookcase?
    Up-cycle something?
    Things that are yours and can take with you.
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  8. I'll have plenty of time for my Open University studies
    Read some of the books that I got for Christmas 2018
    Get better at knitting
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  9. Update improve my home automation system.
    Read Jim Al-Khalilis new book.
    Read complete works Jules Verne and HG Wells.
    Decorate spare room.
    Watch series 34 and 5 of "Line of Duty" (That is Monday taken care of)
    Text / chat to all those friends I've lost touch with while being stupidly busy.
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  10. Hubby wants to decorate. Can't think of a worse time personally. I'm going to teach the kids to use my sewing machine and youngest wants to learn to knit. I might also get middle to teach me some guitar.
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  11. I thought I would get one of my sons to teach me how to a play a song on the piano, I'm so cack handed though! Hope the sun comes out soon, will make all the difference.
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  12. If isolated but healthy, exercise, do some baking & walk the dog.
    If not isolated, not sure how much time off we'll be having if we are "repurposed"!
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  13. Going to my allotment to be the one member of my family who will be growing the food! Used this crisis as a way to give my other family members a kick up the butt to help contribute towards the work on the allotment...
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  14. That's if the seeds are not sold out!! Might even camp on my allotment and use the excuse of 'protecting' the produce :D
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  15. Go cycling, when/if we get stopped going out, will be Zwifting indoors.
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  16. Supposed to be going on a stag do and to a wedding in the next month, I hope they can still go ahead :/
    Other than that I'll be doing my best to stay active, take the dog running over the local hills.
    I'm also moving house in the next month so I'll have more time to get things sorted and get settled in at the new place.
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  17. Or a model kit that is small enough to not cause house-wide destruction :p
  18. Awesome plans folks, good to see people are going to use any time off as an excuse to catch up on those 'maybe someday' things :)

    Just got word today that staff in my place will be in next week at least so I might not have as much time off as I thought haha.

    Change of plans then, I'll be starting my summer jobs early! Might get some greenhouse work done and plenty of filing. Ideally I would actually love to go through all the folders and chuck out anything older than two years because some of our level arch files don't even close anymore! :p

    As for now, sitting for the final hour of Friday just checking everything over for the weekend, then it will be a drive home to a beer in the garden while the sun is out.

    We will get through this! <3
  19. Go paperless it so much easier.

    I only go up about once a month, I installed a new irrigation system in mine last year, the heating was on and all the geraniums were in flower (until i removed them)
  20. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    I would find somewhere to store them. Or scan them to an archive.
    If you don’t you can guarantee a teacher will have dim memories of a practical they used to do and expect you to have the worksheet and detailed knowledge of the requirements