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  1. Don't worry I'm not here to scaremonger about how slime made from evil borax will eat your children. I'm here to warn (scaremonger really) those that, like us, are making slime as end-of-year or summer school activities. Perhaps steer clear if possible, use the not borax free CLEAPSS method, or make students wear suitable PPE.
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  2. I told them we couldn't do it as we have no budget for gloves.
  3. You do realise that this is not a borax free version right?

    It's asking you to make sure the eye wash/drops have either boric acid or sodium borate in them - sodium borate IS Borax and it's the Boron that causes the potential issues.....
  4. +1 to CovTech for reading the full article rather than skimming through the equipment list. Makes me feel better that we're doing the good ol' method with gloves.
  5. all the other borax free ones on the internet use detergents (USA maybe?) which contain borax as well.
  6. Yeah they all seem to mistake "Borax Free" for "Low concentration Borax"
    Clearly the same thing though..... :rolleyes:
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    An interesting article from the Australian New Scientist Mag July 2018;)

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  8. The good old common sense approach vs overkill frantic H&S fanatics.