Should Technicians be Booted and Suited - Any further views?

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  1. We've had some recent posts about Dress Code and how some Techs have managed to keep their head under the Search Lights. I don't mind wearing casual dress (but I don't). How do you feel? For example is Bib and Brace acceptable or a Star Trek T-Shirt?:D
  2. I wear old clothes that are still reasonably smart, but that I don't mind if they get holes in from acid splashes etc. Lost count of the number of items that have had to be binned, even though I wear a lab coat and am very careful with what I'm doing. Would rather my college supplied a uniform - they do for the welding technician and the hair and beauty technician.
  3. I wear reasonably smart clothes and throw the labcoat on when it's time to do something that might wreck them.
    It's a bit of a no-win situation to be honest, you don't want to stand out as 'the scruffy one' at lunch/in meetings/in class, but you don't want to ruin an expensive blouse with chemicals either :/
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  4. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    We have a school dress code which states

    "It is important that you present a professional image having regard to appearance and standards of dress. It is a requirement that you wear clothes and footwear that are appropriate for the work you perform and which present a neat, clean and professional image."

    We don't wear jeans or trainers unless it is a non-uniform day. I shop at Primark and similar so I look decent but don't mind throwing a t-shirt out because it got an acid splash or similar on it. Finding comfortable, smart shoes is my main problem.
  5. I tend to wear 'office dress' so 'smart' trousers which are actually Primark's finest polyester black trousers - they look like suit trousers - which deflect most substances I throw at them and a shirt and v neck jumper on top or t-shirt cardi in the summer. Black leather boots/shoes as they again deflect most things. Basically in line with the teachers dress code. I would like to wear 'nice' clothes but they would just get trashed! 99% of the time I wear a lab coat so shirt collar and bottom half of my legs is all you see. The male technicians tend to go with chinos/black jeans and open neck shirt. If its inset or suchlike and the students aren't in, then anything goes, but I'm wary about what I wear as I still don't want to trash my 'nice' clothes!!
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  6. I agree - shoes are a problem. I tend to buy ankle boots in the Clarkes sale as I'm on my feet so much and walking around all day. They aren't pretty, but look fairly smart if I bother to clean them, and my feet don't hurt by lunchtime. Summer is more problematic...
  7. Worth noting that on school trips, the really nice dresses come out. :p Just because I can. (Also it surprises the kids, which amuses me).

    ...Unless the trip is bushcraft, which is basically 3 days' wild-camping in the woods with most of year 7, building fires and traipsing through bogs and sleeping in the open (personal choice, tents are provided but I prefer a hammock and tarp) - it's great fun. Then we see just how scruffy I can get. XD
  8. I wear suite trousers in the summer, and cords in winter. an array of neat colored tops and a blazer (wool or linen, with a selection of insect/frog broaches to make it more individual) which I switch out for a lab coat when in the lab - I am in a private school, on my own and often seen by visiting parents - I think the head would have a mild panic attack if I was wearing jeans and a alternative t-shirt when he was showing parents around. ;)
  9. I find winter much easier too. My shoe problems are compounded by the fact that I don't wear leather. :/ I always manage to find something in the end though.
  10. Ben_SLT

    Ben_SLT Science Learning Tech, not Senior Leadership ;)

    We can wear pretty much anything. I go for utility trousers and steel-toecapped boots for the safety and extra storage pockets / kick open doors without crushing toes while carrying trays. Top half I just wear any t-shirt as long as it's not offensive, and my ID lanyard. Lab coat goes on when necessary.

    I used to dress smart, but with the amount of moving around, reaching up, and bending down, I gave up and opted for comfort. Our dress code if very lenient, only have to wear smartish clothes for college events e.g. open evenings - at which point I have my lab coat on and it doesn't matter anyway!
  11. Nick Mitchener

    Nick Mitchener COMMITTEE

    I'm still wearing black badged polo, blue or dark grey craghoppers and now this year bright blue trainers with rainbow laces. Who knows what colour Asics will decide the trainers are next year, I have had bright orange, fluorescent green, and now bright blue. There is no choice, they only make my size in one colour each year.

    The rainbow laces are from the campaign against homophobia in sport. Rainbows are a bit of a theme as I have a solar power rotating crystal in my preproom window that sends rainbows round my room and the labs either side.
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  12. Nick Mitchener

    Nick Mitchener COMMITTEE

    Strangely, the teachers here where jeans on school trips, they are not allowed to wear jeans the rest of the time. I usually still wear my uniform top. However as the kids are not in uniform for trips I don't get associated with them.
  13. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    I wear Clarks closed-toe sandals (are they called Mary Janes, the type with a single strap across them), and keep some flip flop types to put on at break and lunch to give my feet a break.
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  14. PhysicsSimon

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    And introducing a new line in technician garb, young (hah!) Simon steps onto the catwalk - casually attired in black (asda) polo shirt, black (asda) jumper and black (asda) combats with matching (coff) waterproof walking shoes (a cycling thing).... Simon, or Man at George, maintains the extra pockets in the combats are lovely and having a colour theme allows him to keep wearing jumpers even with minor holes - the overall look is stylish, practical yet functional.......honest :)
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  15. I usually wear black trousers or jeans with a plain top and cardigan/jumper. Smartish and practical.
    Footwear I go for plain black trainers or DM boots
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  16. I used to dress really scruffy, but something someone said resonated with me about dressing how you want to be perceived so I have neatened myself up a bit. So usual attire for me is smart blouse (home made or charity shop), utility kilt (from Tartanista) or other skirt (home made or charity shop), leggings (bamboo or supermarket) and boots. When I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, my comforting leather waistcoat goes on. Boots & skirt I keep at work and change when I arrive. Going to have to think about the summer - thinner leggings possibly (although can't be see through as my legs are unsuitable for view)
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  17. Cheap smart black trousers. cheap top/blouse [non-iron] different colours preferably darker shades so as to not show up dirt [clean one every day] and a black fleece, plus black steel toe cap toe-tectors. Black goes with everything, no colour co-ordination issues :D
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  18. Dod


    Short sleeved shirt and black Asda George trousers (saves sewing labels on :)) black steel toecapped shoes (supplied) and topped off with lab coat (supplied) along with a company fleece and company hi-viz jacket for out in the cold and rain. note :- company = council
  19. When I first started I was told that the unifor was smart attire, but my thought was that I don't want anything nice to get covered in chemicals, blood, guts and goo. So the 'smart' cloths lasted one day. After that it was asda black trousers, primark tops and cardi (non ironing). Never had a complaint in the time I have been here. I just go for black boots all year round, regardless of the weather.
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  20. Due to pressure from the last senior tech I was always in (suit?) trousers, long sleeved shirt, tie and smart black shoes with a supplied lab coat. I honestly didn't mind wearing it but split my trousers far too often when bending down too quickly for something off the bottom of the chemical cupboards etc. I was also sick of forgetting to button up my lab coat and then dangling my tie in to not so pleasant things.

    Once the senior tech retired I moved to black jeans but I am certainly considering cargo trousers now, polo shirt from Asda and my Red Cross steel toe cap boots. Plus with the slight stretch in the polo shirt it doesn't instantly become un-tucked as a button up shirt does the minute you bend down.

    I don't look as smart but it feels more appropriate in some ways.
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