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  1. Hi folks I was wondering for those of you who are Senior Technicians whether you enjoy the role. What do you enjoy about and are you paid enough?
  2. i am a senior but i dont manage anyone so the role is enjoyable
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  3. Hi Teagab. Do you work in a School or College?
  4. college
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    Hi George,

    At my place I'm the Senior Technician for STEM subjects so oversee technician services in Science, D & T and Engineering.

    I like the role, and enjoy my job! Luckily, I am allowed a large degree of autonomy from the SLT to organise the technical team as I see fit.

    Advantages include:

    • I am involved in the interview process so the technicians we hire are screened by myself which is a bonus
    • Organising CPD which is relevant to us technicians
    • Liaising with estates team in the development of new spaces- we recently had a new engineering workshop and 3D printing studio installed
    • Day to day control of STEM budget and ordering
    • I devised the technician induction programme, so know that any new technicians hired go through suitable training

    • There will be times when you do have to have difficult conversations!
    • H & Safety responsibilities
    • Finance and ordering- sometimes you have to say no to certain requests
    • Completion of appraisals and 6 month reviews- whilst a useful tool in highlighting training and CPD requirements it can eat up a lot of time
    I must admit no one day is ever the same! Pay...much better than some other schools, but I would still earn more in industry. However, I enjoy my job and don't mind going into work so probably happier than 95% of the UK workforce!
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  6. Hi Louis-Aeron. Great account! :):cool:I think that when all is said and done enjoying your job is the most important factor.
  7. What are the H&S responsibility for a senior science technician?
  8. I'm a bit odd (there I said it first) I also love my job (even weirder)
    Senior tech Full time 8:30am till 5pm (Physics specialist) I dont supervise the Chemistry or Biology techs, They are in a different building and managed by their HoDs..
    I watch the CLEAPSS site for updates and forward them to Chemistry, Biology, DT and Food prep. I attend termly H&S meetings with the Head, Clerk of Works, Bursar, School Nurse etc.
    Happy to feed fish, axolotls, snake etc during the hols...
    I do order supplies for the Physics dept and I'm RPS trained.
    I am the "goto" person for batteries, phone chargers, memory sticks, photocopier repairs, laminating, and (just now) hole punch unjamming.
    I have intimate knowledge of every electrical distribution board, gas and water shutoffs across the whole site ....
    I also have responsibility for the stage crew (yr8 to 11) with in depth knowledge of the main halls AV system.
    But probably most important of all. I have an inexhaustible supply of Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, biscuits and Chocolate....
  9. I always get a bit confused with the who's who. In our school we have : Technicians, Senior technician - who are specialist up to KS5 & can deputise for me, then Head/Lead technician. ( That's Lead pronounced Leed not Led ;):p)
  10. Agree with all of the above, I enjoyed the prep for our re-furb, getting involved with planning etc, wasn't so keen on the lugging stuff about though !
  11. I enjoy the role I manage one person, but a lot of my job is paper work, organising contracts, annual checks, orders, updating records, oh and practicals, but secretly I love organising :D
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    I'm Senior Tech and I do love my job, even after 11 years. It is also flexible for my family too. I manage 3 other Techs, used to also manage the D&T and Food Techs.

    I enjoy the interaction with the students and giving them equipment they can discover what's it's use is. We had a refurb as well and I really enjoyed the organisation for that and the reorgansing of the storage and department when it was complete (even though it was VERY stressful because of timings).
    I also love fixing things. There's something satisfying with getting something to work again when you think it can't be.
    I also like preparing the A Level Chemistry, it's a challenge for my brain and with a upcoming retirement I'm beginning to do more of it.

    I'm not paid too badly compared to others but I do feel it should be more for the responsibility we hold.
  13. I'm Senior Tech supervising one Tech. I enjoy my job most of the time, I particularly enjoy mending equipment, but don't get as much time to do it nowadays since we have been cut back to term time only. Fave pracs include, Ammonia Fountain, Exploding can and bar breaker.
    Infuriating aspects are, trying to cut costs when teachers are so wasteful, and having to buy more exercise books year on year because the book is replaced when a new topic is started (if they think there's not enough room left to finish that topic) and if 2 (sometimes 3) teachers share a group the students get one book for each teacher ie they don't fill the book generally. Also disappearing text books! Rant over!:rolleyes:o_O
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    Hi George,

    I think that I WOULD enjoy the role had I the time to actually do the job properly within the time frame sure there are others like me !

    The pay is rubbish (being dealt with in a separate thread) which really doesn't encourage the next generation into being a school technician, so will likely be a situation getting gradually worse...….
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    I'm a senior tech supervising two other technicians.
    I like creating new resources, building apparatus and generally being as creative as possible.
    As for pay i think we've covered that in previous threads.
  16. As a lone tech, surprised there are still senior techs who don't manage other technicians.... NOT surprised my senior role isn't likely to be coming up soon..?!
  17. Can I remind you Neil that the Job Title of Science Technicians only exists in Britain and and British/Franco/Spanish/Greek International Schools. I have heard of a few Australian Techs but none from the Americas (ref. Simon Quinnel). The situation will get worse and more and more employers are seeking higher and higher qualifications. Five years ago I was shortlisted for a Technician in the School of Kings - Le Rosey, Switzerland the World's most expensive school. The salary was 30K with 12K additional attractions. I had other commitments supervising so I couldn't attend the interview. Just waiting for my 50% pay rise.:(:(:(
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    Thanks George. For me the issue is not about pay......following a pretty lucrative (its all relative though) commercial career I do this because I CHOOSE to and not because I NEED to, so I can happily make waves and rock the boat without a conscience. I am acutely mindful of the next person in this role who may desperately need the job and as a consequence get 'bullied and exploited' by the current batch of staff - particularly HOD who I stand up to (in the politest possible way) routinely. And I've dragged them kicking and screaming into doing things the Lablogger way by refusing to do it the way they had previously (each teacher submitting a separate spreadsheet, in different formats, invariably late to be transcribed onto a master request sheet - I did that just once and flat out refused to use it from then and developed my own shared Excel sheet as the first step towards Lablogger)

    No, my issue is that I LIKE to do the best job possible no matter what I am doing. And at this time there are not enough hours in the day.

    Consequences of going from 2 full-time full year technicians to just me now TTO+1week.

    Not one to sit back and take the status-quo, hence my involvement with Technicians Together even though I will not benefit from any (hoped for) changes. But I do feel very strongly for the future of the job. I do not say 'profession' because it simply is not and we need to recognise that.

    I've seen the provisional data from Emily's salary survey etc. and it is becoming clear that there are a lot of folks out there who are unhappy and that the situation has changed significantly from the last PrepRoom survey of technicians. We've agreed to let PrepRoom have the data as well (probably Unison, too) as it will be useful for them in their efforts.
  19. I am counting the days until I can (hopefully) take over as senior technician... :p
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    good grief, £42k won't go far in Switzerland.
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