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    We have something big planned for March 2018, a national week-long event that will highlight to school leaders, the general public and hopefully the government the great work school science technicians do on a daily basis.

    Details will be revealed soon but in the meantime we would like a handful of technicians to help us behind the scenes so that the event can be as effective as possible. We want some feedback about ideas that we will put forward, maybe some photos of you to promote the event and possibly some comments from you that we can use in our marketing of the event.

    So please put your name below if you are interested in helping us, there may be some freebies in it for you! ;)
    We will choose 6 technicians to begin with and give them access to a hidden forum area where this will all be discussed. :)
    So if you're up to the challenge, let us know.

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  2. I'll start your list: Carine Wolfenden
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  3. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Err.. Maybe I shouldnt with everything at the moment haha
  4. This sounds interesting: David Hudson
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  5. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    hmm... might help me a little?


    :Shannon Smith
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  6. Always wary of how employers react to these kind of things especially when individuals are identifiable and are directly or indirectly associated with...but I am prepared to help behind the scene as required. ;)
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  7. I am more than happy to help as I would love to see science technician gain more recognition for all the hard work they do.

    Paul Reeves
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  8. You could go incognito Allan. I'm sure that stelden @stelden could give us new identities with the help of their felt pens.:D
  9. Happy to help try and raise the profile of lab techs and what we do.

    Fiona Roberts
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  10. Hi I would like to help. I am in NW England, in an 11-16 school of just over 900 pupils. 9 science teachers. One me. I seem to be fairly typical in many ways as per the survey.
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  11. count me in I think its a role techs should have some input towards
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  12. Count me in.
  13. I'm interested - Rachel Chilton
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  14. I would be interested
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  15. I would be interested. Kayleigh Hamilton
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  16. prepAdmin

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    Thanks for the interest!
    I will private message some of you later this week and give you access to the hidden forum where we can start discussing things.
    If we need more after that, we'll message more on this list.
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  17. I will be on maternity leave then, so I guess I won't be of much use if I am not in school? However, if it isn't necessary to actually be in school at the time, I would be happy to help. I guess I will have a fair bit of free time on my hands between nappies and feeds!
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  18. This is all a bit cloak and dagger isn't it PrepAdmin?:)
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    At least it's not a wind-up! :p
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    OK that's plenty for now thanks. I'll send a message to some of the above members and we'll go from there.

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