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  1. Hello

    We are having a science week at school soon whereby pupils will come over during lunch time to take part in exciting activities !

    Anyone got any exciting activities? Lunch break is 40 mins so must not take longer than 30 mins

    We have done flame tests , rainbow tubes already


  2. Depending on the year- we did cold lava lamps which the kids enjoyed during science week earlier in the year.
  3. from a physics point of view how about:
    make a pin hole camera
    make a periscope
    electric circuit building

    the IOP have a series of STEM based activities called marvin and milo you might get some ideas from that also
  4. We are just doing centre of mass with Yr11. Cardboard shapes / optics pins / plumblines Some of my ballancing cork/knife creations caused a wow.
    Could you do something with a large paperclip / Art straw / blob of plastecine....?
  5. slime

    a simple dissection

    make a wind turbine and test which one is the most effective

    static spinners

    cotton reel racers
  6. We did Cartesian Divers as one of the Science Week Activities this year. We made them with cut off plastic pipettes and a nut (inside a 1.25L plastic drink bottle). The example diver had four legs made by dividing the tube part of the pipette into four parts and curling them slightly. I drew eyes and a mouth on the bulb part with sharpies to make it look like a cartoon octopus. We let the kids take them home if they wanted. Kids here also like doing the safer version of elephant's toothpaste. We use 6% hydrogen peroxide, detergent and an activated yeast solution. We do it inside a high-sided tray, and use safety precautions such as gloves, goggles, ventilation and standing clear of the reaction.
  7. This is a booklet I collated from many different sources - you might find some simple activities in it which might be useful.

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