Science Technician, Surbiton, Closing Date 8 am Wednesday 26 June

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  1. Surbiton High School is looking for a full time (TTO + 3 weeks) Science Technician with a specialism/interest in biology to start in September 2019. The position will report to me, the Senior Science Technician (I cover chemistry).

    For more information, please see the link below:

    If you would like any additional information, please PM me or phone the school and ask for me.
  2. But it doesn't mention pay!

    All it says is competitive.
  3. The school is always rather reticent about publishing salaries, quoting "competitive salary" but now there is a proper pay structure in place for support staff, I think it should be fine to advise that the FTE salary is from £22,100 to £32,500. I am not sure how much higher than the bottom of the scale the school would be prepared to pay as there are two other technicians on the same scale and it could cause problems if someone came in on a salary much higher than them. I am on the bottom of the salary for senior techs (which is significantly below the top end of the technician scale) and I have been here for four years! I don't have any control over the salaries sadly and it is always a contentious issue. However the science staff are lovely so there are other compensations!

    The HR manager may be able to provide more information for anyone who is thinking of applying for the role.