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  1. Morning all,

    I have now been put in charge of the science lunchtime club (around twenty minutes every other week) and I am looking for some nice ideas for engaging activities that don't take too long to set up (as I have now been charged with doing the teachers photocopying whilst they get more science teachers in..).

    If you have any ideas I would certainly like to hear them.

    Many thanks :)
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  2. When it comes to the photocopying who does the other departments photocopying? If they dont have a technician for such duties you dont have to do it, unless you want to.

    Activities could do the rock cycle using chocolate or if you have a hot plate using chewits
  3. Cartesien divers; I use old pop bottles, with two marker pen rings 10cm apart around the bottle, along with a cut (shortened) plastic pipette as my diver, weighted with plastercine.I sometimes add pipecleaner tentacles! Get them to get the diver to stay in between the rings
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  4. Some of my favourites for science club:

    -Making pear drops (ester)
    -Making slime
    -Making silver mirrors (Tollens test)
    -Rainbow fizz
    -Flame tests
    -Chromatography of pens/dyes
    -Electrolysis – turning copper strip into “silver” then “gold”
    -Electrolysis – Making tin crystals
    -Simple endothermic and exothermic reactions.
  5. Turing Pattern.png BZ REACTION-5.png tURING Pattern-S.png
    You'll find that there is nothing quite like the look of students when they see "chemical Waves" in a Petri Dish. An ocillating Clock Reaction. The Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction.:);)
  6. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    Here is a list of some of what we do with our science club
    · Making slime
    · Bio plastic bouncy balls
    · Disappearing poly cup
    Acids and alkalis
    · Indicator fish
    · Petri dish neutralisation
    · Rainbow fizz
    · pH powders
    · Making an indicator
    Making sugar crystal lollies
    Flames tests + dragons breath
    Chromatography trolls
    Borax snowflakes
    Mini foam volcanoes
    · Methane bubbles
    · Coke and mentos
    · Elephants toothpaste
    Making bath salts and bath bombs
    Making hydrogen
    Making oxygen
    Gold and silver pennies
    Film canister rockets
    Fruit batteries
    Making ice cream
    Silver nitrate forests

    Pond life under microscopes
    Growing seeds
    Banana tattoos
    Making fossils

    Water rockets
    Balloon rockets + helicopters
    Spaghetti tower challenge
    Steady hand game
    Convection snakes
    Making lava lamps
    Wiring a quiz card game
    Fruity batteries
    Making a cd hovercraft
    String newton wheels
    String telephones
    Convection eddy current flyer
    Seesaw candles
    Balancing parrot/clown
    Bead helter skelter
    Paper helicopters
    Egg drop
    Making a pinhole camera
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  7. It seems the head of department here has other views of what a technician is. I am new to this role, but when I was teacher training I respected my techs highly. I chose this role to imrpove my subject knowledge and if I am spending it doing their chores I wont be so happy!
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  8. Thank you for the suggestions :)
  9. This looks awesome! When I get a spare minute I will research it a bit more.

    Many thanks!
  10. Thank you for the suggestions! :)
  11. Observing Metal Displacement Reactions in Real Time under the Microscope.
    metal displacement-2.png
  12. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    I would be too busy to run a science club, is it really a role for a busy photocopying science techie?? I, personally would not do either. I learned 16 years ago when I started here, that todays favour very quickly became tomorrow's duty! I am now very adept at saying No. Don't let them put on you, surely you have a reprographics department? As one other techie said, who does the copying for other departments? Think before you agree to anything.
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  13. Science club is definitely a teachers responsibility in my book. Here we literally prep the required resources from a list that the teacher gives us, and if they don't give us a list they don't get anything. We don't run or go into science club, it is done by the teachers.

    As for photocopying we have a reprographics lady who does all the photocopying, but we have to organise it with her first. Worksheets are all written into the schemes and the teachers order them as part of their requisitions.

    As Julie says be careful what you agree to. Here our HoF in particular has very little respect for the techies and if you agree to something once or twice it'll be deemed to be your job forever. We've got more than enough to do already without doing the teachers jobs for them too.
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  14. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    Also, bear
    in mind that teachers move up the pay scale for additional responsibilities, whereas a techie gets zero and very little chance of promotion, especially if you are the only techie in the village - like me.
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  15. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    There are some techs who run science club. I remember at the York conference I went to a couple of years ago the Gratnells Tech of the year ran the science club. At the boys school down the road the techs run the beekeeping club.

    Here we get the stuff ready and help if needed. When I first started the Year 12 students ran the club with a teacher as supervisor but it seems to be now that a teacher runs it with student help
  16. I have to say Julie that Science Techie is not a Technician when they are photocopying- it's the role of a Reprographics Technician.:):D
  17. I was at that Conference (sadly I didn't meet you Karen) but I thaink that the winner was angie from Dagenham.:)
  18. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    George my dear are you debating semantics with me?
  19. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    I'd suggested that one too George, we call it silver nitrate forests, or growing a christmas forest if it's during the festive season.
  20. There are plenty who will say it is not your job to do Science Club and they're most likely right (unless it is in your contract, in which case it is your job).
    Having said that, if you want to do it, if you enjoy it and presumably your line manager has no problem with it, I don't see the problem.

    "Doing sciencey things that help children is NOT why I became a school science technician!!! .... Oh, wait...."

    Enjoy! :)
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