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  1. IMG_20180806_114844.jpg Hey Everyone!

    I was encouraged to share my little scalpel holder with you by my HoD

    After a bit of brainstorming I thought this was the simplest (and still effective) design of a scalpel holder - Something sturdy, safe, and a way of visibly seeing if a scalpel is missing and a way to count them out and in again... (we have a few opportunists here, scalpels and other equipment can go walkies)

    I had off cuts of perspex and bits lying about that I could make it with. Wooden base and a sponge fitted (to soften the blades from hitting the base and possibly breaking), the space is only fit for the scalpel so no fingers getting down there! I also drilled holes for the pins to go with it. Base can detach to clean sponge/clean or even pre-soak in Dettol before use to help with the clean up after. Bonus!

    This is just a first draft. I hope to make 'sets' which will hold, scalpel, pins, tweezers and other dissection equipment. But for now I'm happy with how this has turned out and it is being used in the department now - none missing...yet! Anyway enough waffling from me, hope you guys like it! and maybe it will be a good template for someone else
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    Like it Techy dept could mass produce if they have a laser cutter and you supply the materials
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  3. ooh! now you're talking @Dod they don't have a laser cutter but I might be able to salvage more bits! Our technology technician isn't fond of sharing though lol
  4. that would sell, approach one of the manufacturers of school science eqpt
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  5. Awh! Thank you @Carine!
  6. Looks nice Bernadette. :) Without a laser cutter it must be fairly time consuming to produce? Although I am fond of using plastics I just used scraps of wood for mine...i might just have a wee go on the plastic vacuum former this afternoon. ;)
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  7. Yes it was a little time consuming - a laser cutter would do the job lovely @AllantheTech. Wood is what I had thought of using initially, the perspex was sitting about doing nothing so it has been put to good use.(and it means you can see inside - no nasty surprises lol)The holder will do 18 scalpels but I'm thinking of doing them smaller... perhaps sets of 5?
    x5 scalpels
    x5 tweezers
    x10 pins (they were simple to drill and we always have mountains of them!)

    Oh or maybe I could make an experiment specific set e.g. Onion Cells? with slots for the microscope slides hmmmm the brainstorming continues....
  8. I look forward to seeing what you come up with @AllantheTech :):):) keep us posted!
  9. At times I am even know to use scraps of wood. Very simple, no precision required, only glued together and very quick to make.

    PA1200033 (Small).JPG
  10. I think I might have to talk with my Biology techs and see if they will find this useful, if they would I think I will talk to DT about making us one. It is epic :D
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  11. Awesome @AllantheTech love it!
  12. oooo that's really good. I think I will show it to our D&T techie and see if he can make me one for our tweezers. Can't trust our kids with scalpels. tissue scissors is as good as it gets here. :eek:
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  13. Thank you @Julie Delaney its amazing what can be made out of old scrap bits!
  14. Beautiful piece of kit - I was just about to ask how you cut the little slots so perfectly when I read the comments about a laser cutter. The sponge inside is a stroke of genius too. Also good that your HoD recognises your talent and encourages you!
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  15. scalpel.jpg Not quite as nice, but functional. Washing tablet container with thick cardboard in the bottom, holes made with a hot flat screwdriver. Easy to wash and replace cardboard as necessary. We do the same for screwdrivers and owt else pointy :D
  16. Functional is nice stelden. ;)
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  17. Dod


    Only problem I have with sticky up storage is that it takes up more tray racking space than flat compartmentalised tray type, some stuff can be fitted 2 layers deep in a standard Gratnell tray ( to prevent me being sued, other types of trays are available :))
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  19. yeah, I like this one too.:D it's giving me ideas for our tweezers and screw drivers.
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