Rusty Scalpels

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  1. How can I remove rust from scalpel blades? They've only been used and washed once!
  2. For safety reasons its probably best practice to just change any rusty blades especially if the rust is on the cutting edge.

    I was told that although it seems wasteful, its far better than risking cuts with rusty blades.

    I believe some folks oil their blades when in storage but I find that making sure they are patted dry after every clean keeps them rust free for a while too.
  3. I always through away any used blades and replace with new just before the lesson
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  4. Dod


    A rusty scalpel is a blunt scalpel.
    Cleaning and drying immediatly after use is the best prevention
  5. If they are detachable I always dispose of after a single use.
    I re-use lots of of other things but not scalpel blades.
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  6. do you mean detachable?
  7. If you are meaning scalpels that don't have detachable blades then you should use stainless steel ones - failing that clean with Emery cloth/paper then spray with WD40 to protect them
  8. Detachable blades get binned after one use at my place.
    If rust's on the handles I use WD40, works a treat.
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  9. If you read CLEAPSS it says to change the blade after each use. If the blade is tarnished it will be weakened and could break when using, which could be problematic if safety glasses are not worn
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  10. Always, always replace used scalpel blades.
    Exactly as Yelnats says! :)
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