RSC Inspiring School Science Technicians event?

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  1. I went to this last year and it was fantastic. Does anyone know if it’s running this year? I can’t see anything on the website.
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    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

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  3. Hi, This looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Do you know anymore details as in plan for the day etc? Thanks :)
  4. JFKtech

    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    It was really good. Assuming it's following a similar format to last year there was a talk, morning workshop, lunch, afternoon workshop, closing talk + exhibition chemistry demonstration. At lunchtime there were stands from CLEAPSS, IOP, STEM, Philip Harris, SLS, and a couple of other suppliers.
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  5. Is this a free event? Can't see any info re cost.
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    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    it was last year
  7. Thanks :D
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    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    That's odd, mine looks like this upload_2020-1-14_15-57-12.png
    Maybe email Rizwana and see if you can book directly ?

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  10. it say

    I joined it still says that.
  11. That the problem I’m having.
  12. Have your institutions been validated? When I joined TC, it took a while for validation to come through in order to unlock content. I am now able to see what JFKTech sees.
  13. You have to wait until your application for registration has to be validated before you can get access.
  14. Hello! Just to clarify:
    • You must be signed in to our website as a Teach Chemistry member before you can view the event page at and access the event registration button.
    • Teach Chemistry membership is free for teachers and technicians in secondary schools, colleges and teacher training institutions in the UK and Ireland.
    • Your Teach Chemistry membership registration must be validated before you can view the event page. Validation is usually done by the lead contact at your school. If you are having difficulty getting your account validated, contact my colleagues on
    Hope that helps!
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  15. Also: the event is free to attend and lunch is provided.
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  16. It takes forever to get anything agreed at this school. Am I able to book on the event without getting my account validated? I attended last year and I really don’t want to miss out!
  17. You do need to have your account validated before you sign up.
    If you have a lead contact, they received an automatic email from us asking them to validate your account by clicking a link.
    If it has been more than a few days since you registered, do contact my colleagues on and they will help.
  18. Is this event only for technicians from east and south east regions?
  19. Thanks. How do I find out who the lead contact is?
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    Another example of "London centric" events.
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