Replacement screws for stopwatches

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get replacement screws for our stopwatches. ?
  2. Can you post a picture (or manufacturer/model #) of the stopwatches you have?
  3. They are Accusplit event survivor 602X stopwatches.
  4. Ah, not familiar with those I'm afraid.
    Hopefully someone else will know.
  5. Can you measure one?
  6. The screw is 2mm diameter and 9.6 mm in length.
  7. Doesn't help you now, but when one of our stopwatches dies, I salvage bits like the tiny screws from them before binning the rest, just in case...
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  8. Perhaps have a look on ebay as I did find a supplier of very small screws to replace a missing screw that I required for a pair of sunglasses. Apologies if you have already thought of that option.
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  9. Nick Mitchener

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    I collect terminally ill ones in a box and raid for parts as required.
  10. Dod


    Them dimensions are in the Techy department range of small screws, pop down to see your Techy Tech, a few jelly babies ought to get you some.
  11. I do that but people haven't been careful when replacing batteries and have lost loads.
  12. I went there first and got told they didn't have any and couldn't help with sourcing them. Happy January.
  13. Dod


    If you get one as a sample, go to B&Q, Screwfix a car parts company or better than any of them, a local ironmonger , one of them should have them
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  14. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
  15. Lots of good suggestions. As a further possible source if your IT department has been around for donkey's years they might have some small screws. Newer ones won't be building their own kit so probably won't ever need a screwdriver let alone a stockpile of small screws.
  16. I do this with any equipment I scrap, I salvage all the screws and any useful bits that may come in useful for repairs
  17. karen b

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    There is a table towards the back of the cleapss handbook that gives a probable screw size for a given diameter. 2.1 mm it suggests might be 8BA