Replacement for Capillary tubing?

Discussion in 'Supporting Biology' started by Shannon, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Afternoon fellow techs,

    I was wondering what people use for the AQA Bio Re Prat of chromatography, we used pipettes in the past (clean, new ones) Can I just use these? Trying to save a very tight budget already :)
  2. You could use pipettes if you don't have any capillary tubes but just wondering if they will give too big a spot. Have you got any glass thin tip pipettes? They will have a finer point to make small concentrated spots. If you have any glass tubing you could make your own pipettes and try to pull them out enough to make fine tips.
  3. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    Thanks! Just I am still wary with glass work due to ending up in A&E last time for 4 hours. I could use the glass tips? As we have them in. Do they work the same then?
  4. The aim for the pupils is to get a small, concentrated spot of ink so I'm sure they'll be ok. They'll be better than the plastic pipettes - they seem to have really wide tips. Best avoid the glassworks then if you're not confident - I'd be the same if I'd had to spend time in A and E!!
  5. You could try cocktail sticks - clean ones ;) - see if they transfer enough. May take a couple of applications to get the same as the capillary tube....
  6. I second the cocktail stick suggestion. It takes longer for the students to produce the spot because you can only transfer a small quantity at a time, but the positive of this is a smaller more concentrated spot. We have used the fine capillary tubes before now, but the students still manage to drown the chromatography paper as they do not understand the concept of a tiny spot.