Repairing thermometers

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  1. had a teacher show me that with a zippo and it exploded in his face, said it never happened with mercury ones... :eek::rolleyes:

    used to use a silicon oil bath for expensive plant ones and the let them cool down slowly.
  2. Vee


    I just flick them downward and the broken up bits move back down... always works for me :)
  3. Many thanks for the tip Alice! We've tried the aluminium blocks and this seems to work. We are also now storing our thermometers vertically in pots so the students can return to the pot allowing thermometers to cool down in vertical position! :)
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  4. I also use this method. very quick and effective
  5. Plunge into boiling water and then into ice then shake .
    usually works
  6. So many options - I didnt even know i could fix them! my teachers have been lobing them out and getting me to buy more - trial time! :)
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  7. If I good flick doesn't fix it then I'd really just bin 'em.
  8. I tried fixing two yesterday using a tea light. The 'broken' part of the thread was all the way up in the top of the thermometer in both cases. I fixed one but got a bit distracted doing the second and the bottom bulb burst.

    I will definitely try this method again