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  1. paul r

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    What do you issue for this practical ?


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  3. karen b

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    We have demonstration wind turbine, water turbine and some solar cells.

    We also have a couple of different solar water heaters.
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  4. paul r

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  5. Yes it works really well - the solar panel works best near window and you have to use a powerful fan to get the wind turbine to turn fast enough
  6. We have previously purchased dynamo squeezy type torches from a pound shop in addition to things similar to the above suggestions. Also useful for energy transfer practical also.
  7. Dod


    Hydrogen cell powered model car
  8. Tee


    Recently commandeered a couple of Hydrogen Fuel Cells from Chemistry which where languishing unused in a cupboard. Dusted them of and are now a welcomed addition to the old 'energy transfer circus' in Physics
  9. old fashioned 100W lightbulb for a large one, 12V 36W for the class experiment
  10. Nick Mitchener

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    Filament bulbs drive them ok in my experience, though getting enough out to run a motor is hard, I use a brushless computer cooling fan.
  11. Julie Delaney

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    we have the water turbine demo kit, solar cells and a dynamo torch.
  12. We now have a fuel cell car. Not tried charging from the solar panel yet to make it truly renewable.
  13. Dod


    Ours do but you need a windowsill in full blazing sunlight to have a chance of recharging the same day.

    funnily enough they don't work at all in the dark. :(
  14. karen b

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    People mentioning fuel cells has reminded me that we have some weird kit that I think is a solar powered electrolysis kit, where you then use the hydrogen in a fuel cell. Never used it, I just found it in a tray last year.
  15. Dod


    I hope you are using the 100 watt to light the cells and not expect the cells to power the 100 watter, might light it if you have enough cells o_O
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  16. So how many cells would I need to power a 100 watt bulb with a 100 watt bulb?
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  17. Yes, it drives a small motor and fan
  18. I wonder if rechargable batteries in the battery pack would work. Not sure how fussy it is about voltages.
  19. If you manage that you will have achieved 100% efficiency and could make a lot of money!