Removing Methylene Blue Stains

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    Last week, a few of my Y9s managed to stain the desks with methylene blue. A chance spillage led to a discovery. I had some Dettol in a beaker to put their discarded cotton buds in and some of this spilt next to the methylene blue stain, I used a cloth to wipe up the spillage and when it came into contact with the methylene blue stain it removed all traces of it from the desk.
    It was a very pleasing moment.:D
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  2. Thank you for this. I had a teacher put methylene blue in her pocket(!). It leaked and I put her labcoat in with all the others to wash so I now have a range of blueish lab coats.
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  3. Sounds fab haha I would love a duck egg blue or tie dyed labcoat :p
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    Blue paper towel in a pocket gives a reasonable effect
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  5. A useful tip for methylene blue or Eosin on clothes is to put it in a live yeast solution overnight. It does not have to be strong but just dunk the pocket affected in a beaker of say 1% yeast. Methylene blue and Eosin are used as stains for viability in the brewing industry and go colourless when the live yeast works on them. Then just wash as normal. Also a solution of yeast on a paper towel can be used to remove it from the desk.
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  6. Dylon, not sure if they do Duck Egg, but certainly light blue, just put on a 30 degree wash with dye in drum, permanent & easy.
    Coloured ones to buy are much more expensive.
  7. Great tip, didn't know this.
  8. I got a nice tie dyed one from SCiChem - love it. Keep meaning to tie dye my old ones but never get round to it.
    lab coat.jpg
    Kids love it - but HoD not too keen ha ha!!
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  9. I love it!
    HoD? Tough, it's still PPP
  10. ha ha like it even more because he doesn't!!!!
  11. Ah thats brilliant!! :D