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    I once ordered 50 eyeballs from our supplier and they came packed in a black microwave tray complete with clear film seal, it looked like the worlds worst ready dinner!

    We used to get all our dissection items direct from the sausage abbatoir, and they were often still warm when I collected them :confused: They started out being free of charge but they got fed up with the time it took to get everything out so started charging more and more. I just order from samples for schools now as we have to have lamb instead of pig at this school.
  2. Has anyone used Philip Harris Education for eye balls? They seem a lot cheaper than Samples for Schools and arrive on ice, not preserved
  3. they are the same price or a bit more from PH
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    I've just checked and the philip harris ones are showing as £13.50 for 5 and the samples for schools at £9 for 5 - both come frozen
  5. There's no delivery charge for Philip Harris
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    Ah I see. I tend to order mine with hearts, lungs etc so never really considered the postage. Not bad from PH then :)
  7. A company we've used in the past when the butchers weren't able to provide is Dissect UK. They were owned by a parent of one of our pupils (now left so not sure if this is still the case) so we used to get things very cheap (sometimes free) and the service was very good but, maybe we got preferential treatment? Haven't used them for a while but the prices on the website look quite good.
  8. I just order >£100 and store them, then no small order charge.
  9. For a class set of 15 eyes PH are a bit more expensive (£3-4) even with free delivery and it's Direct Delivery – up to 2 weeks, so unless they discount.
  10. Say what now..?
    I ain't doing nuffink that moves or is smelly!
    I'll stick to the stuff that doesn't work... :mad:

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  11. I know a good recipe for the pigs head!
  12. I have seen Hostel, I am sure they guy in that just used a spoon!

    Tell the teacher its more hassle than it is worth and she can either take it home or you will bin it.
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  13. Good morning, the "Hostel" method is something we have heard of before ;)

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    I would be showing her my finger, never mind shredding it!!!:eek::mad::D
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