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  1. Teacher came in today VERY pleased with herself.
    She has obtained a pigs head from her butcher for me to remove the eyes from :eek:. I explained I've never done this before, always get them ready removed, and don't really fancy it as a 'fun' job to do. Have looked on the internet and can only find catering related videos on how to remove the eye which involve destroying it.
    Anyone ever done this? So tempted to tell her to do it herself.........
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  2. Never done and wouldn't do - I know my butcher says it's tough and they know what they are doing. Just tell her it wasn't possible as you don't have the necessary tools for the job. :)
  3. Not often speechless.........:eek::eek::eek:
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  4. Honestly I would probably tell her to do it herself. Say you have never done it and that you think you are more likely to destroy the eyes. If she wants them, you are happy to help but she will have to do it.

    See what you get back from that!
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  5. Sound advice I think.... CLEAPSS say that "butchers and abattoirs experience more trouble in removing the eyes [of pigs] and may be unwilling to sell them" - if they struggle, with the right tools & loads of experience, I think a school science technician may struggle too....! I think I would probable end up severing a finger or two if I tried it...... :D
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  6. sounds not nice but eyeballs of the pig are easily removed with a dampened dessert spoon takes two secs no damage.
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  7. Have previously asked our friendly neighbourhood wholesaler to supply eyes, and they didn't protest...
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  8. Have you done this? Doesn't seem to fit with what everyone else says or the video on you tube of a man with a pair of scissors and a knife poking and cutting and hacking to get the eye out :confused:
  9. Screwdriver and trula. Dig it out and make a pigs lug of it. Sorry, just had to! :D:p
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  10. Yep tried scapel etc right dogs dinner spoon under the eyelid move it around the socket whilst levering upwards pops out cut the dangly bits one eye ball ready for dissection. I don't think surgeons spend more than a couple of seconds to get them out of patients either.
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  11. Now then....finger dissection.....interesting.......:D:D:D
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  12. not halal, not allowed even in this CoE school.
  13. Not halal doesn't mean it's banned (as a blanket practice, it might be at individual schools but so might anything else).

    It's obviously good practice to offer an alternative if you have pupils who are really strict about it (some don't mind, like I being vegetarian don't mind, because I'm dissecting them for the purpose of education not being forced to eat them), but by no means blanket-banned.
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  14. not banned, just advice from the vicar.
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  15. I've watched abbatoir workers removing cow eyes. As above with the spoon method, no more than two seconds per eye.
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  16. The butcher will usually still charge you for the whole head, then sell it again...:(
  17. Well, with the help of a couple of spoons (the first one got a bit bent..) dissection scissors and lots of swearing :mad: the eyes have been removed from the pig !!!!!! Took me a lot longer than 2 seconds and I don't fancy doing it again so I've just popped them in the freezer and if teacher asks they got destroyed ;). But I now have a couple of eyeballs in case of last minute requests (not that I have many of them, obviously)
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  18. Have you counted your fingers....? Are they all still there.....? :D
  19. All technician fingers are present and correct :) I steered well clear of using anything sharper than slightly blunt dissection scissors.
  20. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    Annoyingly it's on the physics curriculum too now and those teachers usually pop their heads round the door and say "any chance of a class set of eyes in 10 minutes?"