Removal of starch from t-tubes

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  1. Hi All,

    Any suggestions of how I can wash starch grains from t-tubes. Is there an easier way besides hand washing to remove the grains.

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    Not sure I entirely understand the question, but to remove starch I guess you could (carefully) add some amylase solution to digest it ? Usual precautions regarding skin contact etc apply.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I can't seem to get clean t-tubes after food test practicals...powdered potato leaves a lot of starch grains. I don't really want to use amylase to digest them, so was wondering if there was an easier method to cleaning them. I have tried the dish washer but still have the blighters remaining in the t-tubes.....elbow grease I presume is the best method, but time consuming.
  4. Agreed!:)
  5. We have a small trough with leftover acid by the sink which we use to clean dirty test tubes.
  6. Leave them to soak in hot water and biological washing powder
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  7. I had 3 different years doing variations on food testing for about 3 weeks. I've only just managed to get all the test tubes clean! Ran them through dishwasher several times then ended up soaking then handwashing the worst ones.
  8. Instead of using Test Tubes prepare Food Extracts anspot onto Dimple Trays. Less mess and more effective.:):)

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  9. Oh that's brilliant. Could I steal this method? Being an only technician this will save hours of washing up.
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  10. You and many others Irene.:D No one wants to 'fish" out food gunge from Test Tubes do they? Well most of us don't.:D
  11. Thankyou
  12. Dee


    How do you heat the Benedicts on the spotting tile please?
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  13. Good question Dee. The answer is that there are a number of ways. The simplest is to place the Dimple Tray over a Beaker of hot water.:)
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  14. I would use the tiles instead of test tubes, but the teachers here are intent on using as many test tubes as humanly possible!! However, that photo makes it much clearer to them so might convince a few! Thank you!
  15. If they have any sense they will Colly. This will make your life much easier. However it may be difficult to convince those who are set in their ways. Even the the Benedict's works when the Dimple Tray (plastic) is placed over a Beaker of hot water, as I mentioned to Dee @Dee.:);)
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  16. One of our NQTs used this method last week. The clean up was so much easier!
  17. Thanks for the idea George. I'm going to give it a try and see what they think.

    The only thing (apart from it not working or being deemed unsafe for our students) is we are trying to stick as closely to the Required Practicals as we can.

    All we can ever do is give it a go!