Reigniting a splint in oxygen using yeast and H2O2

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  1. A few of our staff have been wanting to show how oxygen can be used to reignite a splint but thought it was too much faff to collect the gas.

    So after a little bit of thought i decided to throw some yeast and H2O2 in to a beaker. The bubbles that this creates are perfect for containing the oxygen and instantly light the splint. it's great for the KS3 classes.

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  2. Dod


    You like your new career then? :)
  3. I don't know how you can tell :p
  4. That looks great! What concentrations are you using?
  5. That looks amazing.
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    :eek: Think his quantities are approximate
  7. It was small scale bucket chemistry.
  8. 20vol hydrogen peroxide in a boiling tube with manganese oxide. Works a treat
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  9. I'll have to give it a try

    *Edit - I was being thick, and read a completely different chemical. Yeah, we use that for other things, I just find that it gets everywhere and stains everything. I do prefer the bubbles that come from yeast though for relighting a splint, we use manganese oxide when the kids are collecting the gases with a gas kit.
  10. I agree, it's a nightmare to wash off of the boiling tubes x
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  11. Buying in granules is the answer. A cheaper option is to mix powder with plaster of paris and smash it up into little bits. I wouldnt waste time on cleaning the glassware if you continue using powder though, just keep a set for the experiment?
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