Red cabbage

Does anyone know if red cabbage freezes sufficiently well to reuse at a later date? My common sense says it should (after all we're not tasting it.. but don't know if freezing alters anything) Seems a shame to waste as only needed enough for 2 practicals, don't want to thaw and find it doesn't work next time...
I have frozen portions of the red cabbage and also bottles of 'red cabbage juice' as I like to call it. Both work well and the pre made indicator saves having to stink out the department when someone wants some!


I've been meaning to see if this works... as you can never buy a small red cabbage which is a pain... Does this way really work?

I had a quarter of a red cabbage sitting on my window sill for who knows how long, before I started a year ago at the very least. It was of course very dry and crumbly. Still worked for the indicator practical however.

karen b

Now the other techs know we can freeze it I won't be able to take it home to make braised red cabbage!
I grate it and freeze in small bags. Then it is in student sized portions and no knives in the classroom. Can't trust the little buggers in my school!!! :D