Reasons to be cheerful

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    At me three score and ten so done me extra time, stop whinging - remember the age might go down as well as up as they say in the adverts. :rolleyes:
  2. I highly doubt that though, people my age will have to reach 95 before retirement haha.
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    Think like a proton.
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  4. you can retire at 55 if you wish. :p
  5. About nothing but profit and getting one over on Odo? ;)
  6. Do we actually have any good reasons to be cheerful?:(
  7. I'm cheerful that it's half term next week! :)
  8. Cheerful that I'll be spending it in New York city! :D
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  9. My reason to be cheerful today is that I am currently making DCPip agar cubes and they are SOOOO pretty...
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  10. As a former crew mate used to say, "could be worse, you could be digging a hole in the road!"
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  11. Yes!
  12. Half term next week, just got to come into school tomorrow(Sat) rig the stage lights and sound system.
    Then turn in on Sunday for a dance company's extravaganza.... 10am til 10pm....
    No wonder I'm a (antisocial) miserable old git. But I still LOVE MY JOB.
  13. If they do...:mad: Join me in a huge protest march! If we can still walk:eek::(
  14. Yes indeed, if only because it worries everyone else!
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  15. I agree, I like to keep a slight grin on my face when talking to teachers as if I know something they don't, it unsettles them nicely.;)
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