Reasons to be cheerful

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  1. OK, so we all have a right old moan on here, justified in the main!
    BUT, what do you like about the job?
    Being in your own room with no one looking over your shoulder? Making up solutions & pretending you're at Hogwarts making potions?:p
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  2. Making things work.
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  3. You got me right Jaytee - being left alone and not micromanaged or interfered with in any way, & being trusted to know what I am doing :confused: Also the variety of the job. And being allowed to have the radio on, and have a coffee and go to the loo whenever I want :D
  4. Enough structure and routine to keep me sane, enough chaos and novelty to keep me happy. :p
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  5. ^ This!!
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  6. Being able to take something apart, fiddle with it and (hopefully) fix it. Without anyone telling me I shouldn't! (still not allowed to fix stuff at home after I accidentally blew up a light fitting 15 years ago :oops:)

    Being able to play with the fun stuff that was demo only at school. I was the kid that always blew fuses in power packs :D (I'm a bit more careful now)

    Making stuff and learning how it all works. Trying to understand the metal detector at the moment.

    Being trusted to get the job done (although the latter is probably dependent on having a good employer and supportive department). And having colleagues on the same wavelength as me!
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  7. I'm particularly cheerful today as I work part time and Friday is my day off!

    I love my job! It drives me nuts sometimes but, for the most part, it's pretty damn good. All of the above are the reasons for this. I like that I'm trusted to get the job done in a way that works for all concerned.
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  8. My favourite thing so far is the growing collection of things I have been able to save from the bin by fixing them! <3

    One of which was a micrometer that some child had close a bit too tightly (like reaaaally tightly!) and with a bit of disassembly I managed to get it to pieces and working again. It is about 2 microns off now though because the ends of the bars were deformed slightly but for my purposes its brilliant!
  9. I love that too, I'm forever getting told to stop fidgeting with stuff in the physics store but its not my fault its all so fun! Was demo-ing the oscilliscope to one of the teachers and had far too much fun playing with it myself lol.
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  10. All of the above but I have to admit I like being able to burn stuff :D. This morning (with a physics teacher who had seen something on twitter!!) I was trialling burning of love hearts with a bit of ethanol to make sugar snakes and the best way to stack 5 to get the best snake! Not many jobs you can do that at 10am;) I also find glass working and bending very peaceful and like making new bits of equipment especially if it means I can microscale the original!:p
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  11. One thing I love is I can stick Robin Williams stand up on and no one moans :D
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  12. No reason for it o be off. You can adjust the zero easily.
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  13. Also, making things work. or work better.

    I'm also assisting 2 other techs in 2 other schools, so I'm really enjoying the "helping" feeling. It's nice to make a difference.
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  14. Dod


    :) Retirement looming :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  15. :D:D
  16. JFKtech

    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    Was asked yesterday by a Year 8 ask me yesterday "Are you a scientist?" To which I replied "yes, I have a Chemistry degree." She then said " I was wondering why you were wearing a white coat." that made me chuckle.
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  17. I enjoy that no two days are the same.
    I also enjoy being part of the school community. It may sound a little twee but I love working in a school, there is a real vibrancy to the place. Yes there are times when I get really p***ed off with it all but then the kids do or say something that makes it all worthwhile.
  18. I love the random practicals the teachers here ask for , they are a lively bunch and the HOD is very much 'can we make it blow up' so can get interesting. Love trying out new things.
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  19. 12 years and 4 months today, unless Boris moves the date like he said he was looking at before the election