Reasons to be Cheerful Part 4

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  1. Will there be a reasons to be Cheerful Part 4?:D
  2. Parents evening tonight - late start tomorrow no period 1 yay!
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  3. I'm envious Chris!:D:D
  4. I remembered to bring in tea and milk today :D

    Just need to find my tea pot now
  5. PhysicsSimon

    PhysicsSimon COMMITTEE

    Doubt it - no reason to be cheerful without the Blockheads
  6. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    Newcastle United look like they are going down !
  7. Only 15 minutes left until the kids go home.
  8. ??? ours won't be going home for another hour and fifteen mins at least. OTOH we are on pastoral day, so no post 4pm lessons.
  9. Our school day is 8:25 - 15:00
  10. Ours is roughly 8.30 to 4.05, but sixth form especially could have lessons anytime from 8 o/c to 5.30. If they're especially unlucky with the timetable they could also have a lunchtime class as well.
  11. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    It was House Music competition today so no lessons until the afternoon. We had the morning tidying and restocking the lab trolleys
  12. They are on their way up again Paul!:);)
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  13. Wrong team George! Newcastle have been in the PL the last couple of seasons.

    Sunderland are through to the League 1 playoff final however. Surprised you got that mixed up considering where you are based, that's high treason in these areas.
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  14. :oops:I'm a Geordie working in Machem Land Jade. The majority are really nice.:p:p
  15. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    They deserve to stay up, beat us at the foxes den !
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  16. Paul, are you by any chance a Geordie?:);)
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  17. Only got one week left before half term and I'm spending 3/5 of it in the lovely lake district doing field studies with our year 8s. :D
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  18. Not sure if that's a good thing or note, I am off for 3 days with the year 12s next term.
  19. paul r

    paul r COMMITTEE

    no way ! Proud Leicester boy !
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  20. What a shame Paul.:D:D
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