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  1. Hi, looking to order Rats for dissection, does anyone know the best place to get them from? Looking for the least smelly ones, thanks
  2. For price reptile supply shops are a good bet (online).
    For lack of smelliness you probably want a preserved one, e.g. from Blades Bio. Much pricier though.
  3. Blades preserves are really good smell wise. my teachers prefer them, but yer they are just under £17 each! they are not cheap
  4. they stink, never again.
  5. We use a company called frozen rodent. Our biology teacher was really sceptical about using rats from a pet food supplier but she is now converted.
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  6. Lol the ones I had were mildly whiffy. Either it doesn't bother me (after all I have snakes and a cat so used to it) or I've had the fortune to have good ones.
  7. Philip Harris rats are good. Expensive but if you want them that's the cost!
  8. Hi Pam.:) As Emma has said the more fresh the Rat the stronger the stench - which can be stomach churning.;)
  9. We bought in a load of snake food rats, they are fab for a one lesson dissection and as long as they don;t rupture the bowels too early they don't smell too bad. One open evening an clever lad set up a desk top fan to his right so it blew the smell away.
  10. We used preserved Rats from Blades, for some reason our department put them in freezer, they were really smelly once defrosted! Guess putting them in the freezer messed them up big time!
  11. I Buy frozen, and they and pretty cheap. They dont smell at all cause they are for pet food. - The downside is you can only keep them for a few days-up to a week in a cold fridge once you have started dissection.
    but, at less than £10 for 5 medium rats, pretty inexpensive..and the more you buy the more you save.
    On a plus note, I bought quite a few over 4 years ago, kept them frozen and they are still in top condition.
  12. Lol, we did this too...once.
    The teacher was nearly sick in the class :p it's Blades preserved now.
  13. I was nearly sick, how the students stayed in the room i don't know.
  14. karen b

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    We usually buy preserved now. A couple of years ago we bought some frozen ones and forgot to specify males. One of the females was pregnant and that upset a lot of the students.
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  15. Ewwwww! Yup, I wouldn't like that either. I really don't like doing the rat dissection. The smell...
  16. I think it might be as much about buying good quality frozen rats as anything, if they've defrosted in transit and refrozen then that's probably where the smell is coming from. We've done quite a few and have never had any that really stank. I wouldn't say it's any worse than preservative smell or any other dissection offal, plus they're a heck of a lot cheaper than from school suppliers.

    There's always the old Vicks around the nostrils trick!
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  17. Don't get them from pets at home stink to high heaven when sliced open
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