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    Hi, we're about to buy equipment and sources for GCSE radioactivity . There seems to be so many different options, I'm unsure what to do for the best.

    Which type of equipment do you all use and where do you buy it from?
  2. WE looked into it last year, sources and all necessary equipment from scratch before realising it would take our entire budget(and then some). Tried timstar, and they put together a quote discounted from what it should have been...
    3 types of source, cupboard, absorbancy set, holder and stand, Geiger and counter sensitive enough to do checks etc.. -about 2900 in total.
    Good luck!
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    Christine Broadbent magic maiden

    Thanks, we've kept £3000 back from the budget for this so hopefully we can get everything. I'll try Timstar, and others, and try and get a discount.
  4. If you are looking for sources, the Isotrak rod sources are very good. Plus they supply Cs rather than Co so it has a much better half-life so a better investment.
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    :eek: You are keeping back more than our whole year budget :mad::mad::mad:
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  6. Not including exercise books and printing, but including other stationery, last year budget £1400. Didn't get sources..(!!!)
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    Yes, we are very lucky. We've only been open two and half years and they haven't worked out yet how little they can actually give us!! We just make sure we spend it all before the end of the year!!
  8. Thats what we do :D
    School is 5 years old and several times this year I have dropped PO's in for about a grand at a time. SLT and the Head have stopped questioning me when they see such things as we have a science teacher who is also a deputy head and she had signed them all off to start with :D
  9. We bought our Cobalt60 source in the 90s, it is well past its sell by date.
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  10. Hmmm, 5 year half life, for ease assume 1998: 20 years so 1/16th original output - yup, past its sell by date sounds right :)
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  11. I put a radium dial trench watch in reception for our first world war display which is more active than our cobalt 60.
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  12. Though to be fair with a half life around 1600 years, it's barely started!
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  13. Because of the recent changes to the RPS regulations schools are now weighing up the costs of having radioactive samples and how much they benefit the lessons.
    I recently got offered some radioactive sources from a school which is at full capacity, including a sixth form. These cost quite a bit to dispose of so schools are keen to ask if any other schools want them.
    Might be worthwhile asking around to see if anyone does want to be rid of theirs before you purchase some.
  14. Out of a matter of interest, who did you get to dispose of your sources, we have an old spintheriscope which needs disposing of.
  15. Is it radium or thorium/americium? If the latter should be no problem keeping it in use, if radium just put is in a jar and keep in the sources safe. Probably cost an arm and a leg to dispose of it but can be kept as an artefact.
  16. 0.5ug Ra :(
  17. As it happens... although many of our sources are well spent (someone said the 90's earlier, if only ours were that new...). It appears they got rid of the previous technician after he had ordered new sources but before he had disposed of the old stuff. Myself and the lady from the Environment Agency marveled at some of the suggested activity levels in the paperwork (and slowly backed away from the radioactive stores).

    In terms of use, a good alpha, beta and gamma source is all I generally use (don't fancy giving out the Uranium powders). I have a couple of absorber sets, a radioactivity bench, a couple of castles, a cloud chamber, fire alarm, radioactivity badge and various GM tubes. I also use magnets for occasional demos and have created some silver chloride plates on occasion. There is more, but that's the stuff that gets used.
  18. According to CLEAPSS we can almost just chuck it in the bin for free, wonder why companies were quoting £800+ to depose of it for us?

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  19. According to our RPA, present doctrine is "if you don't use it, dispose of it". This is probably to try to reduce the possibility of some sackless religious fanatic getting hold of a few and building a dirty bomb.
  20. yes, that's quite right, so if you can't afford to dispose of it use it. I get everything out to use