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    I have been booked to attend the Radiation protection supervisor training course in Oxford next month. I wondered if any other technicians have been asked to do this because I know CLEAPSS recommend that it should be a teacher.
  2. As far as i'm aware it should be a teacher. We looked into this only last year and it definitely recommended a teacher then but of course it could have changed. Personally I didn't want the responsibility of it all so it worked in my favour.
  3. They always recommend a teacher or HoD in order for someone with 'authority' to be doing the work. If a technician is considered to have that authority, they can do it too.
  4. I did the course about 8 years ago... No restrictions then. I was 20 odd years in the job and quite able to be authoritative.
    I did and still do the transportation, record keeping, leak tests, contamination tests etc.
    HoD does training...
    My HoD did the course about a year later and took over all charge.
    Recently our new HoD has done the course, still leaving the day to day stuff to me.
    Our RPA suggested that I do a refresher, so I’m booked in to Wigan shortly.
    I've been told that I will get an attendance note, but CLEAPSS will not issue a completion certificate as I'm not a teacher/HoD.

  5. I was on the course a year or 2 ago, we looked in to it and did see that CLEAPSS recommend that it is a teacher but as I was told, this is only a recommendation and not law. The 2 technicians before me were RPS too so its been a technician here for well over a decade at least. I've not had an issue coming in to the role.
  6. Things must have very recently changed then as my certificate if dated 2017, either that or they didn't know I was a technician.
  7. I did it just over a year ago and was doing all the checking in and out and leak tests with no problems. Our local authority then decided that the person in charge must be the head of science. Our HOD decided she didn't want the responsibility and our sources were disposed of. The HOD then got another job so our kids have lost out. There's a lot of unnecessary fear of radioactive sources when there shouldn't be. We only only had a few cup sources and radioactive rocks, it's such a shame
  8. That's appalling.