quick fit and volac free to good home

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  1. Have got lots of unused glassware that will be disposed of as we are moving to a new built a end of this term.
    Based in Manchester area for free collection or will post anywhere for the cost of posting IMG_0387.JPG IMG_0385.JPG IMG_0384.JPG IMG_0386.JPG t term end
  2. Where abouts are you based? May be interested, with Hod permission, particularly for 'spare' liebig, fractionating column and fittings...
  3. Anything Claire does not want, I will collect. Passing your way on 17/07.
  4. first come first served both let me know details I will sort thing out.
  5. Much as I would love some of this stuff, I can't see me being able to collect, other than on a weekend (as I to-and-fro from Lancashire to Yorkshire via M62/M60) Happy for Mike to snaffle the lot, as costs for postage would outweigh any benefit.
  6. Claire
    As you are so kind send me your e-mail and I will sort it out
  7. Happy to collect it all and then meet up with Claire on 21/07 somewhere on the M62/A1(M) to share it out.