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  1. I am slowly trying to introduce Lab Logger following all of the recommendations people on here make about the system. I am very new to it so am trying to muddle my way through before releasing this to the staff.

    One of the new things that the department are wanting to try is be able to request a demonstrator technician that can come in to lessons and just be an extra pair of hands with supporting students, for example with focusing microscopes.

    Is there a way to implement this in to Lab Logger? My hopes is that staff will be informed on any clash with booking me out.

    Thanks all.
  2. Add yourself to the equipment list, put it down as there only being one of you, and make sure they select you from the drop down equipment menu when making requests.
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  3. I'll give it a go, thank you.
  4. There can be no clash with practicals for similar practicals - this is why this system is so useful. The first person to request equipment /reagents will get that practical. It can also flag up staff who continuously are late in submitting practicals. For the demonstrating duties the rquest for a demonstrator Technician will be added with the request. Hope that this helps.:);)
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  5. Thanks @GeorgetheScienceTech

  6. George, how can I make use of the flagging of continuously late users feature?
  7. There's an experiment deadline setting. On ours any requests that are put in late show up as red (unauthorised).
  8. The time and date the request was submitted will be logged. You could then pass the info to your HoD if this practice becomes habitual so that they may have a quiet word. I suppose that if there was not going to be clashes with Teachers using the same equipment/Lab time you could let them carry out with their request after nicely informing them of any possible future consequences. Let's all be civil to one another.:);)
  9. Ah, Great idea. Thanks for that :)
  10. If you are the administrator:

    Institution tab at the top.
    Account settings from the drop down menu.
    The first item is Experiment Deadline Setting - default is set to one week before requirement. Any requests added after this deadline are flagged in red and marked "unauthorised".

    There are other useful settings there, particularly the one about Risk Assessment.
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  11. Sorry folks, another quick question regarding LabLogger.

    Is there no way of me editing a practical once the lesson has started? We have had it today where a prac was booked out to one of the labs but at the start of the lesson we were told that this was a mistake and they'd be located in another lab. Since the lesson has started there was no way for me to edit the request.
  12. Yes you can by going into the date and time settings of your computer changing it to a later date than the experiment - go into lablogger and amend the practical then change the date back to correct one - fool lablogger into thinking the experiment hasn't started yet.
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