Pyrex vs economy borosilicate glassware

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  1. Has anyone had either positive or negative experience from purchasing economy (as opposed to Pyrex) borosilicate glassware such as beakers and boiling tubes which has to withstand a fair degree of heating in the labs? I'm staggered at the price difference but don't want to risk breakages. :(
  2. We've only ever used suppliers own or economy borosilicate glassware and we've never had any issues with it. As far as I'm aware Pyrex is just a brand name and its the same type of glass. The last lot we ordered was Academy branded from Better Equipped and its been fine. We've also used Kimble and Simax glassware which has been of the same quality.
  3. Really cheap brand borosilicate glassware is a minefield. There are good batches (note: not manufacturers, just batches) but it's impossible to tell before buying if you are getting a good set. I suspect that "manufacturers" are actually just middlemen, printing their logo on glassware purchased from the cheapest source.

    The biggest issue I have is not in relation to heating but the fragility when moving, washing and storing. Pyrex and a few other brands will just bounce when dropped. Other stuff will shatter when knocking together in a tray.
  4. I found the biggest difference is in the washing up, chipping easily and the labels of the cheap own brand all washed off very quickly where as a Pyrex one I acquired stayed on and still going strong. I have been trialing out Simax for my beakers for the last year and very happy so far with it.
  5. I've grown rather fond of Labglass stuff. But here, it's much of a muchness. Staff and students have the mechanical aptitude and sympathy of a monkey with a mallet, so...breakages happen.
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    We use Simax and/or Kimble. They are the same standard as Pyrex but the glassware is, we find, at times thinner.