Pressure cooker, who to test it?

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  1. Hey guys,

    We have a pressure cooker in the department that is used for microbiology. Does this need to be inspected at all by anyone as I am sure I have read it does need checking like an autoclave does, and if it does need checking who would you guys suggest to contact to have it checked?
  2. The same folk that come in to do the autoclave do the pressure cooker, they also check the pressure cookers in the cookery dept.
  3. We don't have an autoclave but I am going to put one down on the budget for next year :D

    I will see if we have any in cookery and ask if they get it checked.
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  4. at least £25 a year for testing or buy a new one each year.
  5. Tempting, I might try and persuade my bio tech that she would love a new autoclave rather than a pressure cooker.
  6. We use
    I was recommended from a previous post. I took photos of the pressure cooker and they drew up the inspection forms. We pay £25 per year. I am named as the competent person who checks the pressure cooker annually. I follow the CLEAPSS recommended checks and they (Mandate systems) then issue us with the necessary certification. Easy peasy!
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  7. Cool thanks for that Sharon, did you need to go on a training course to be able to check the pressure cooker?
  8. No but I have been using one for a quite a few years so know my way around one. If your school subscribes to CLEAPSS there is a very informative section (G214c) with good pictures on how to check it and also a video on how to use one in the video section. :)
  9. Cool thanks, I shall have a look.