Pressure cooker testing

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  1. Hey guys,

    Who do you get in to test your pressure cookers?

    I have 1 that needs testing so I would like to get some quotes on this or to see if its cheaper to buy a new one each year :D
  2. It's £40 to get a new one and not worry about it... that's what our HoD decided
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  3. A new one would still need testing because if it blows then...........:);)
  4. New ones don't need testing, you just need to know that the WSE exists and what the interval before testing is, cleapss specifically say that you can buy a prestige 6l High dome pressure cooker and use it for 12 months without testing.
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  5. This
    We have them as a annual consumable resource, not environmentally friendly I know but all out HoD was willing to commit to
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  6. Guys still need to have quotes for testing as finance asked for it.
  7. IIRC when the law changed CLEAPSS may have produced a regional list of providers?
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    The easiest way to do it is to go on the CLEAPSS - pressure systems course and then you can obtain a WSE for £10 I believe and test it in house for free, that's what we do here. :)
  9. try

  10. I forgot to search this but now have 2 quotes.

    Thanks guys
  11. It's environmentally friendly if you give the barely used ones away to staff who could use them to cook stuff for a shorter time using less fuel............
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  12. If we go down that route we might look at saying anyone can purchase it off the science department for a token fee to go towards the new one. Probably the cost of the new one less how much it would cost to pressure test it.
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    Have just been on a course with CLEAPPS for pressure vessels. "Examining Autoclaves, pressure cookers and model steam engines. Well worth the day out. If you are a member of CLEAPPS it costs around £130 if I remember correct. You get practical hands on time with various items as well as the legal side of testing. Pretty much what a load of other peeps have suggested.
    My recommendation for testers/validation would be LmP Technical services as they can sort out some things via mail and photographs. They are on and examine all makes of autoclaves, pressure cookers and model steam engines including Prestige Medical automatic autoclaves. Also certification of WSE for autoclaves, pressure cookers and model steam engines.
  14. Sorry to open up an older thread but I'm curious how everyone is getting on with this legislation, regarding their pressure vessels?

    Are you buying new Steam engines/cookers/autoclaves, or doing the course and getting the WSE certified by an engineer?

    I'm presuming everyone is doing whichever is cheapest...
  15. i'm not using the Steam engines/autoclaves.
  16. We got the quotes and found that (at least locally) to get that initial engineer in to ratify the WSE and then refresh it every couple of years would cost more than a new pressure cooker every year which is covered for 12 months by manufacturers warranty

    It was something like £40 a year for a new one vs £250 for a 3 year WSE if I remember, so double the effective cost, either way the HoD at the time said new one every year it is.....
  17. If you only use a pressure cooker a couple of times a year, would you still need to replace it, each year?
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  19. Dod


    Yup, its a time factor, not hours used that counts.

    Still, you can offer to dispose of last years one -- straight in to the boot of your car, reuse before recycle. ;)
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  20. You will need to replace it each year even if you've never used it if you do not have a WSE